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CBD creams and lotions have water and other moisturizing agents in their base. Whiles CBD ointments, balms, and salves use fatty oils and wax as a base, not water. Our creams and lotions are fortified with vitamin B&E. They are effective in anti-inflammatory treatment, therapeutic sedation, and pain relief.
Happy Garden’s CBD balm is oil-based and contains the plant Arnica ( the Arnica plant is known for its pain-relieving qualities). CBD salves are an excellent choice for joint pain and skin-specific conditions. It directly targets the regions of pain and discomfort and starts therapy right at the source.

Happy Garden products are made with natural, vegan materials and are 100% organic.
Our ingredients include almond oil, coconut oil, peppermint extract, vitamin E, camphor oil, wintergreen oil, etc.

Creams and Balms Enriched with Organic CBD

Creams and balms enriched with CBD can be used as a preventive treatment and treat various existing conditions. In general, the ointments and creams are suitable as antiseptics, skin-soothing treatments, and relieving muscle and joint pain.

Why Should I Buy CBD Creams and Ointments?
High Efficiency: Creams and ointments have a powerful healing effect. They are especially effective in treating bruises, inflammation, and muscle aches.
Local treatment: Unlike oils or gummies, creams and ointments allow for direct treatment where the pain or injury is present.
Skin health: The active ingredients provide healthy nutrition for the skin.
Soothing effect: The affected area can be massaged with the products. These products provide relatively quick relief already in the first use and significant relief in long-term use.
Antiseptic properties: CBD creams and ointments are considered a source rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Use CBD Creams and Balms
Apply a generous quantity around the affected area. Then gently rub without causing pain in the surrounding areas. Next, massage the area gently until it fully absorbs the cream or ointment. You can apply the cream or balm several times a day. Do not rub these products on an open wound.

What Should I Buy – Cream or Ointment?
CBD ointments are oil-based and contain the arnica plant, known to be a natural pain-relieving quality. The ointment is suitable for treating burns, relieving swelling and injury pains, and even sedation after surgery.

CBD creams are water-based and have a more delicate texture and resemble a lotion. The cream is suitable as a preventative treatment, for example, applying to muscles before physical training. CBD cream is ideal for daily use, and due to its texture, it can be easily applied to all parts of the body.

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