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Irradiation may damage the terpenes and impair the taste and aroma of cannabis. New evidence shows that it may also detract from the medical properties.


Genetically modified food is controversial, and many European countries impose restrictions on it at various levels. In addition to not knowing how safe engineered CBD is for consumption, it also has negative ecological effects.

100% Natural and Organic

Our products are made from CBD naturally extracted from cannabis plants. We do not use lab-based synthetic additives. In addition, all of our crops are free of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.


The classification refers to Good Manufacturing Practice. It confirms that Happy Garden products are manufactured in a controlled and clean process, and every production stage, including shipping, is clearly documented and accessible.


Some manufacturers add in ingredients that are not suitable for vegans. Our products are free of such components and are ideal for a vegan lifestyle.
Our products are also suitable for religious people. Moreover, a Kosher certificate reconfirms the lab report. It ensures that the assembly lines do not include gluten, milk, animal-based gelatin, soy, or peanut residue, so the product is also suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

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