Imagine a world where we all lead a healthier lifestyle,
with the healing powers of nature.

Imagine a reality in which the natural healing powers of nature combine forces with the most advanced scientific tools in the world and enable people all around the globe to choose a healthier lifestyle.

A reality in which people:

 Get natural tools to overcome their anxieties
 Forget (almost completely) the pain from which they suffer
 Sleep better at night

And in short,
A reality in which we can create a healthier, more balanced, and peaceful life for ourselves.

We do that with the help of natural products,
research-proven and meet the most stringent standards.

This is not a dream, this is the reality we are promoting worldwide.


We distill nature – into an essential and accessible product
Our goal at Happy Garden is to spread the healing powers of nature –
so that they will benefit everyone on earth.


We are committed to standards and product quality, safety, and consistency. Our extracts harness powerful benefits for your benefit.

How do we do that

Our strains are our strength

The key to realizing our vision is in nature, in the earth.

Our fields have enormous powers, so all of our DBC-based products
are coming from 100% natural strains.

In every product development, we focus on constantly improving the quality of life in health – in the most natural way possible.

What are the standards that we follow in the growth stages?

You can read about it here

Our Story

We are Happy Garden, an ambitious group of entrepreneurs with vast experience in the medical cannabis field. After years of research and several major medical cannabis developments, we have decided to put our knowledge and practice to provide high-quality products based on the most up-to-date research.

We began this journey in 2008 with leading scientists from Colombia and Spain. After years of research and development across our laboratories, we are proud to present to you our ultimate product:

Premium strains contain minimal quantities of THC and maximal quantities of pure CBD.

We welcome you to try our unique line of products and enjoy a healthier, purer, and more satisfying experience.

Our Products

Our brand family
continues to grow

Like our strains – the website and the Happy Garden brand do not stop growing.

Our products include CBD oil in various doses, CBD-enriched ointments and creams, gummy candies, and products for pets. Even if you have purchased a product in the past, it is always worth revisiting our website and looking for new products that keep joining our family.

All our products undergo\
laboratory tests and meet the
most stringent standards

All Happy Garden products undergo an external and independent laboratory test. The laboratory report confirms that our products are extracted from 100% organic and natural CBD, non-GMO, non-irradiated, and under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

We manufacture our products to the most stringent standards, under the GMP-ISO7 standard in an FDA-approved factory.

information about the tests

Kosher and Halal

Our products at Happy Garden have a “Star K Kosher” certificate and a Halal certificate – so they are also suitable for Religious observers.

A Kosher certificate reassures that our production lines contain only what’s written in the lab report. Our products are suitable for customers with allergies since they do not contain peanut, gluten, soy, or milk residues.

Growing with our partners

As part of our commitment to benefit the planet and improve the lives of the people living on it, we create focused and meaningful partnerships.
With the help of our partners, we are spreading the CBD word to more people to improve health naturally.

This message is the heart of our activity – to improve life in a natural way.

How can you become our partner and spread the word?
(and also earn)

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