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Definitely yes! There is countless evidence from around the world that the cannabidiol molecule (HEMP) effects are the same for animals and humans. HEMP is the name of the active molecule (one of 2, the other is THC) in the cannabis plant. As a result, consumers can derive innumerable mental-cognitive and health benefits.
Pet lovers (especially dogs and cats) worldwide have found HEMP products effective in reducing stress and anxiety, general sedation, and reducing fear and anxiety in both dogs and cats.

The domesticated dogs and cats living among us went through a long evolutionary process. They adapted to living in an urban environment inside a closed house and not in nature to which they were accustomed. Living in a bustling city does not correspond to the natural environment for animals (nature). It, therefore, causes dogs and cats constant stress, over-alertness, and sometimes even anxiety.

Dog and cat lovers worldwide report that regular consumption of HEMP products has made their animals calmer and happier. In addition, it has helped bring down anxiety-related symptoms like over-excitement from being left alone in the home without the owner and insecurity and guest arrival.

Aside from the mental-cognitive issue, there is ample evidence from around the world that HEMP oil helps animals with inflammatory diseases, epilepsy, and lowering cancerous growths.

Happy Garden’s HEMP snacks are tailored for training, learning, and enjoyment. Our HEMP snacks contain ingredients suitable for animal nutrition. They include (animal fats, meat, chicken products, and vitamins) and come in differently adapted flavors for every dog and cat.
The dog snacks are adapted to the meat-loving dog’s palate (flavored with bacon and steak), and the cat snack is adapted to the cat’s palate and comes on a chicken base and more. Dogs and cats enjoy a combination of herbal flavors of cannabis and meat/chicken flavors. We incorporate all those delicious flavors in our snacks for training and health for the dogs and cats that consume them.

Natural HEMP for Dogs and Cats

Did you know that even pets, especially dogs and cats, can enjoy the benefits of HEMP? HEMP oil for dogs or cats is produced in a full spectrum process that allows the animals also to enjoy other cannabinoids that are naturally found in the cannabis plant. In addition to HEMP oil, you can also purchase HEMP treats manufactured to a high standard to relieve the unique problems of pets.

Why Do Pets Need HEMP Products?
Dogs and cats are animals that have undergone a process of domestication. From animals accustomed to living in the wild, they became pets living indoors in an urban environment, with very little activity. Living in a noisy city can cause dogs and cats constant stress, alertness almost at all hours of the day, and even anxiety. Pet lovers who have cared for their animals with HEMP products report reducing stress-related symptoms. These symptoms include fear of abandonment when owners go out to work or friends and insecurity and barking when guests come home.

Problems That HEMP for Pets Can Treat
HEMP oil and treats for dogs and cats may help strengthen the immune system, soothe excess temperament, treat joint pain, strengthen the skeletal and muscular system, and contribute to pets’ overall health. HEMP oil also helps balance behavior, calming, relieving fears, stress, and anxiety.

HEMP Bone biscuit treats enriched with HEMP for dogs are excellent as a reward and positive reinforcement as part of training. You can also give it to soothe your dog during thunderstorms or fireworks. HEMP treats for cats provide essential vitamins and minerals and a healthy balance of fat, fiber, and protein. The treats are effective in relieving anxiety in cats.

How To Give HEMP Products to Pets

  • HEMP oil: Drip one portion into the dog or cat’s mouth or dilute with water or food. The solution for cats is salmon flavored, and the solution for dogs is pig flavored, so they will be thrilled to consume the product.


  • HEMP enriched treats: Give one to three treats a day, depending on the pet’s weight.
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