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CBD flowers come from the Cannabis plant. Like CBD oils, flowers are suitable for treating various health conditions. It has no psychoactive effects and is devoid of significant side effects. Studies already determined that CBD is non-intoxicating. Flowers are a clean and efficient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without messing with your head.

Benefits of CBD Flowers

  • High quality: CBD flower offers high qualities and has a positive effect on the whole body.
  • Treatment of various diseases: The flower affects many symptoms, including pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, and more. It can even help you quit smoking regular cigarettes.
  • Antiseptic: CBD flower is considered rich in anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.
  • Almost no side effects: The flower is considered a product with very few side effects if any.
  • Different Doses: Each product has a different dose, from 8%-10% to 16%-18%.

What Type of Flowers Can I Use?

Ribera (16%-18% CBD) is an extraordinary strain with a light fruity fragrance and tastes of berries and ginger. It’s the perfect solution after a tense day at the office. Palomino (14%-16% CBD) is a young strain with a very alluring lemony flavor with lasting refreshing effects. It’ll make you feel as if you just took a dip in the clear waters of the Palomino beaches. Victoria (12%-14% CBD) has a relaxing scent of green tea and earthy flavors. This strain guides your body to an elevated state of harmony. It alleviates your daily stresses and anxieties. San Andres (10%-12% CBD) is a unique strain known for its intoxicating fruity aroma and sweet flavor. Tyrona (8%-10% CBD) is a fine strain with a strong piney scent that immediately takes you on a journey to the enchanted forests of Mexico. The result is guaranteed to amaze you. How To Use CBD Flowers You can smoke CBD flowers just like you would smoke any other form of cannabis. When you inhale it, it allows the CBD to absorb into the bloodstream rapidly. Another option is to vape it. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult with your doctor before consuming any CBD products.
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