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1. Introduction

Welcome to our webshop.

We kindly ask that you take the time to thoroughly read the following terms of service as well as our policies on collecting and using personal information, which detail your use of this website.

By visiting and accessing this website, you accept our terms of service in full. By placing an order through this website, you agree to having read and understood the terms of service and agree that you fully comply with their complete wording. If you choose not to accept these terms of service for whatever reason, you should refrain from visiting or using our website and instead contact us for more information.

We reserve the right to regularly update our terms of service without informing our customers. The currently valid terms of service can always be found here.

This webshop is owned by HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Aforesaid company is your contractual counterparty in all issues related to this specific product.

This webshop accepts clients from all countries in the world. Depending on your country of origin and the chosen payment method the following companies will be your legal counterpart:
HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus.

2. Legal basis for service agreement

By using our website, you guarantee that you are at least 18 years of age, you are legally an adult and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement with our company. You furthermore accept our terms of service in full. Should any of these conditions not be fulfilled by you, you are forbidden to visit and use our website and its functions, products, or services.

IMPORTANT! Placing an order for our products or services is illegal for a person under the age of 18 or a person acting on behalf of other legal persons, and the police can file charges against such actions.

3. Personal information

We protect your personal information and treat it as confidential. We don’t pass on or sell your information to any third party.

4. Trademarks & copyright

All content on this website is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

Information on this website including, but not limited to, text, images, and sound may not, except for strictly private use or where specified, be copied, transferred, distributed, or stored without prior written consent from HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus. All logos, brands, company logos and trademarks used on this website are the exclusive property of HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus. Any use of our trademarks is only permitted with prior written consent from HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus.

You are prohibited from selling our products to any third party without our written consent and such consent may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Any violations will be prosecuted.

5. Acceptable use of the website

Accessing or using this website with the intent to harm, deny, or limit access to the website is illegal. Copying, saving, storing, transferring, sending, using, publishing, or distributing material from this website or systematically collecting information from this website in any other way is forbidden without written permission.

6. User created content

All user created content on this website is the property of the owners of this website. If you share comments, images, videos, or in other ways communicate with this website, you also accept that you grant the owners of this website global, non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to production, translation, or distribution of this content for existing or future commercial purposes. Examples of this include customer statements, reviews of products, answers to questionnaires etc.

7. Right of withdrawal and return policy

We do not accept returns for food supplements on any personal care products for reasons of customer health or hygiene. On everything else we offer a 14 day return policy, if the product is safely returned to us in unopened condition and suited for being sold again.

8. Guarantee and warranty

We vouch for the quality of our products. We recommend that you always follow the instructions on the package.

9. Disclaimer

You hereby waive any rights to hold us accountable for any loss, damages, liens, additional costs including, but not limited to, legal costs related to or incurred by using this website or the products advertised on it. You are hereby obligated to only use our products in a manner consistent with common sense.

All information on this website exists only with the purpose to inform and is based on subjective estimates and evaluations. You shall not make decisions based solely on the information found on this website.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended that you always consult a qualified professional or your own doctor concerning any questions about losing weight, changing your diet or taking dietary pills as well as questions about opinions and statements expressed on this website. Our products are not sold with the intent to heal, cure, or have any medicinal effect and should only be used by people who are already healthy. The consumption and use of certain products can be damaging in connection to alcohol abuse, severe obesity, pregnancy, or lifestyle diseases. Should you wish to use other preparations or medicine together with our products, you should always consult your doctor before you start using the products.

IMPORTANT! As such you take sole responsibility for the use of our products. We are not responsible for an effect less significant than expected.

All our products should be stored safely and far away from children.

10. Breach of terms of service

Should you breach our terms of service, we reserve the right to take the steps or actions we deem necessary, including legal suits or legal charges. We likewise reserve the right to suspend or terminate any agreement between you and us without notice if we suspect you of damaging our business or attempting to commit fraud etc.

11. Shipping and distribution

In Spain we ship all products by Spanish Post immediately within 1-2 workdays after your order. The estimated delivery time in Spain is 3 workdays since the order.

Rest of Europe we strive to send our packages with international courier companies within 1-3 workdays after your order.

However, on a busy days we aim to dispatch our packages within 14-21 workdays of your order.

Our partners surrender the packages to local postal units for distribution, after which we have no further options for tracking the packages until their final delivery to you.

We only ship to EU-countries & us countries. Contact us to inquire about shipment to other countries

If you do not receive your shipment within 21 calendar days of the date of your order, you must contact HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus. immediately. through our website, after which we will examine your case further and try to resolve the situation from our side. If we do not hear from you within 28 days of delivery, we will always assume you have received your delivery.

Delivery will take place as soon as the products have been transferred to shipment from our stock. At this point you are solely responsible for having received the product.

NOTE! It is not uncommon for local customs and authorities to more or less deliberately delay a shipment to the local post office, which can delay the time of delivery considerably and result in our financial partners issuing an overdue payment invoice to you due to lack of payment. As such, this can occur, even if you have yet to receive the products. Such instances are completely out of our control.

We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any confiscation held  by customs in your country for any reason or claim of products or services purchased through this website.

12. Payment

Your goods can be paid by credit card or invoice, if you are approved for it.

We therefore ask that you pay attention to the due date of each shipment, and pay within the agreed payment period.

On your bank/card statement see the charge under the name HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus.

We reserve the right to block any further deliveries to you if we do not receive full and timely payment of the invoice including any penalty charges.

After the payment period expires, the customer automatically falls into delay. HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus.. is entitled to levy reminder costs up to 40 Euros.- per invoice; the open invoice amount plus any reminder fees may be handed over for the debt collection company. Furthermore the customer is obligated to reimburse all costs incurred by HG HappyGarden Trading LTD 3 Griva Digeni Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus. And/or the debt collection company as a result of the delay in payment.

13. Shipping and freight charges

Shipping costs are always evident in the ordering process on the website or in the terms of ordering on the ordering or campaign pages. Shipping costs vary depending on volume, provenance and method.

The shipping prices also include handling and packaging costs. 

14. Prices

Our prices are subject to errors and we take reservations to misprints and sold out products.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in local currency and include VAT. Prices are subject to tax changes, price and proofreading errors etc.

We reserve the right to change prices with immediate effect.

15. Promotions

All promotions, discounts and coupon codes are subject to the following rules:

Coupon codes can only be used once per person, and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions – including free shipping.
Welcome offers and free trial packages can only be ordered once per person, and a maximum of two times per household.
All types of marketing campaigns depend on the items in stock.
Offers are valid for only 7 days, unless otherwise stated It is not possible to use a promotion, discount or coupon code after you have completed your web shop order.
We reserve the right to withdraw a promotion, discount or coupon code at any time without any further warning or information on this.

16. Valid order confirmation 

After placing an order in our webshop, our software will automatically send you an e-mail stating what products you have ordered. If you can’t find it, then double-check your spam-folder.

NOTE! Please be aware that the automatic reply is not a legal binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement is reached. It is simply an electronic acknowledgment that we have received your order. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the order due to misprints, technical problems, delivery failures or similar situations.

The final order confirmation and invoice are sent to you along with the goods you have ordered.

17. Subscription

We offer campaigns and promotions with auto-delivery and subscription to attract new customers. These campaigns and promotions are only available once per person – and maximum two times per household.

When you sign up for these promotions you enter into an agreement to automatically receive future shipments of the selected products at a reduced price. Your discounted promotion package will arrive approx. 4-10 days after placing your order, hereafter the regular packages ordered will arrive with the shipping interval defined on the ordering page.

The cancellation of your subscription must always be made according to the rules stated in these terms and conditions.

Termination of subscription

Your subscription has no period of commitment, which means that you are free to cancel it at any time provided you cancel in time and through our website. Upon receiving your cancellation notice you will receive a confirmation by email within 24 hours.

For privacy reasons we do not accept messages on social media or from other e-mail accounts than the one used for the original order as valid terminations.

Please note that your cancellation must reach us at least three working days (3) before we dispatch your next delivery. If this is not the case your cancellation will not be effective until after you have received this delivery, but will automatically become effective in time for your next delivery.

Please note that returning your order, failing to pick up the package from the post office or refusing to pay your invoice is not considered a valid cancellation. You will be imposed to pay a shipping and handling fee of up to 60 Euros – if you violate this agreement.

18. I did not order (harassment)

If you receive a shipment from us that you didn’t order, it might be because someone is wrongfully using your identity, either to harass or injure you, injure us or to commit fraud. It may also be the case that another person in the household or a good friend or colleague illegally ordered the item to you in your name. This is not allowed, and is a violation of our terms and conditions. Therefore, please contact our customer service through our website immediately and let us guide you through the steps you have to take, and which technical footprints we recorded during the ordering process.

This excuse may not be used to avoid paying for ordered products and we reserve the right to report fraud to the local police authorities for investigation, if we suspect any fraudulent behavior.

You must immediately terminate any subscription. Once you have completed your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation by email within 24 hours.

The Notes will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Cyprus)

Your credit card will be charged as 079-6079104

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