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Did you know that consuming cannabidiol can help you lose weight?


Some studies suggest that CBD for weight loss proved to be an effective treatment, and unlike common opinion, it won’t make you eat more.  

Cannabidiol can be a therapeutic tool for many ailments. It’s conquering the world, and it’s understandable why. As more research is carried out on this substance, the more we truly see how beneficial it can be. It can be used for chronic pain and stress relief, and now you can try out cannabidiol for normalizing your weight too.

In this comprehensive guide from Happy Garden, we’ll explain how CBD can help you regulate your weight, what its benefits are for weight loss, and which products you should try.

5 Ways CBD Can Help With Weight Loss

As research efforts on cannabidiol and marijuana roll out in the United States, CBD products have become mainstream for many health conditions. So using it for weight loss is one of those issues.

You can lose weight by using Happy Garden products. Here’s how it works.

  1. Reduces Pain


Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is known to alleviate pain. A 2012 study shows that it may help patients with chronic pain. Other studies have also revealed successful cannabidiol use for people with arthritis, who testified that their pain and inflammation were significantly reduced.

This suggests that if you couldn’t work out in the gym due to chronic pain, CBD can free you from aches, so you may exercise and lose weight. So, consider taking cannabidiol products if you’re struggling with your pain but wish to get fit and live a healthier life.

  1. Regulates Sleep and Anxiety


Everybody knows that good sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body. But, on the contrary, poor sleep may lead to metabolic disorders and, as a result, weight gain and other chronic health conditions. 

For example, a lack of sleep due to anxiety produces less leptin, a neurotransmitter responsible for our desire to eat less. But guess what? CBD can provide better sleep and anxiety relief, thus improving your weight.

The simple truth is that weight regulation is significantly related to adaptive sleep patterns. In fact, according to the Sleep Foundation, lack of sleep increases appetite and leads to weight management problems. On the other hand, quality sleep has the potential to increase metabolism, which is crucial for weight loss. 

As studies prove, people who maintain a regular sleep schedule have a better metabolism and better health in general. Not surprisingly, it also affects their weight and helps them lose weight without exhausting diets and other unhealthy measures.

  1. Gives More Energy


If we feel less energetic, it means we are likely to spend more time in front of our TVs or computers than going for a walk. So how can you help this condition? 

There’s evidence that cannabidiol oil may increase energy and wakefulness. This means that taking a few drops of CBD oil has the potential to make you someone who would want to do more outdoor activities. Consequently, this will definitely have a positive impact on your weight.

Why? Because losing weight and getting fit is almost impossible without proper exercise. And in order to engage in regular exercise, you need to have enough energy. Since cannabidiol is a great source of energy, chances are that it will help you feel more energetic throughout the day, instead of passively spending your rest time in front of the computer or sleeping on the couch.

  1. Speeds Up Metabolism

If you’re struggling with weight problems, chances are that your metabolism doesn’t function properly. The reason is that metabolism determines your body’s basic energy requirements. And if you’re not consuming healthy food, it might lead to decreased energy levels and a reduced ability for your body to lose fat as a result of exercise.

Therefore, sometimes even when you exercise, you won’t be able to lose weight because of a slow metabolism. What’s more, people with excess weight have more white fat cells than brown fat cells. But you know what? A 2016 study confirmed that CBD helps convert bad fats into healthy fats. In addition, it boosts the body’s metabolism by breaking down fat more efficiently.


Considering this, adding CBD supplements to your daily diet might boost your metabolism, fill your body with energy, and help you lose weight naturally without too much effort.

  1. Reduce Stress and Improve Mood


Are you one of those people who, when feeling stressed, eat more? Well, you are not alone. 

Scientists have long discovered that the stress hormone known as cortisol makes us crave sugary, salty, and fatty foods. Our brain somehow begins to look for fuel to fight the stress. So it does influence our eating habits and metabolism. 

On the other hand, CBD can be a good treatment for stress and social anxiety. It can calm you and help fight emotional eating. Besides, it can motivate you more for fitness goals. The reason is that cannabidiol is a substance that has a calming effect on our bodies and minds. Experienced users of this product often consume it to treat their anxiety

Most importantly, mental health experts have recently started to suggest taking CBD supplements for clients who struggle with anxiety disorders or stress. Therefore, cannabidiol has the real potential to reduce stress, improve your mood, and help you lose weight as a result.

How to Use CBD for Weight Loss

To include cannabidiol products in your daily diet, we recommend starting with organic and certified oils. Our CBD oils are mainly full-spectrum, and we advise that you start at a lower dose and see how your body reacts.

CBD oil is usually consumed by placing one or more drops under the tongue and waiting 30-60 seconds before swallowing. For more information about cannabidiol oil dosage, make sure to read the “How to use” section for the oil you choose. The oil can also be mixed into your food or drinks.

Vaporizers for dry herbs are also a good alternative. Nevertheless, please remember that regular exercise is a significant part of losing weight. So whatever product you choose, don’t stop working out. Cannabidiol can be taken both before and after fitness exercises.

Finally, you should consult your doctor before using CBD because it may interact with other medications you may take. Even though cannabidiol rarely leads to any adversaries, if you’re taking other medications or have an underlying health condition, your doctor will help you  choose the right dosage to maximize its effectiveness for weight loss.

What Does Research Say About CBD & Weight Loss?

Considering all of these advantages of CBD for weight loss, there are numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of cannabidiol for people who have weight problems.


For instance, a 2018 study aimed to examine the role of cannabinoids in obesity. CBD was one of these cannabinoids that turned out to take part in weight management by reducing appetite. The reason is that CB1 receptors that are part of cannabidiol tend to block the receptors that stimulate food intake.


Furthermore, a 2020 study suggests that phytocannabinoids in general, and especially CBD, are useful substances for treating obesity. The reason is that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, which play a role in managing weight and burning fat.

Intriguingly, a 2016 study demonstrated that cannabidiol has the potential to turn “bad” fats into “good” ones as a result of promoting browning in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Besides, these substances can stimulate your body to break down fat more quickly and effectively. Therefore, if you’re trying to transform your fat into muscle, taking CBD products might be the best possible solution.

How Does CBD Affect Weight Management?

After discussing the research data and benefits of CBD for weight loss above, it’s now time to review the exact mechanism this substance uses to reduce your weight. Well, in this case, you should know that it completely depends on the way this substance affects our brains.

If you’ve ever heard of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), you probably understand how important it is in managing our central nervous system (CNS). Cannabidiol is famous for having a direct effect on the ECS system. In fact, this system uses two receptors, CB1 and CB2, to respond to different chemicals in your body.

People who struggle with weight problems tend to have more CB1 receptors than usual. Some experts believe that there is a connection between CB1 receptors and weight gain. Considering that CBD manages these receptors, it’s not surprising that it can also take part in the process of weight loss.

Connection between CBD & Appetite

While discussing the effectiveness of cannabidiol for weight loss, appetite is indeed the topic that requires specific attention. The truth is that the connection between CBD and appetite is a matter of controversy. While some researchers believe that it reduces appetite and helps people lose weight as a result, others suggest that cannabis is associated with simulated appetite. 


Indeed, products derived from marijuana plants that contain a high amount of THC may cause hunger and increase appetite. However, hemp-derived products that are considered legal don’t contain more than 0.3% THC. And this is not enough to stimulate appetite.


On the contrary, studies show that in cannabidiol, CB1 receptors deactivate hormones that increase appetite. They have the complete opposite effect and help people manage their weight by reducing appetite. 


To sum up, if you’re taking cannabidiol or other low-THC cannabis products, they might be helpful for weight loss. But using cannabis products that have the potential to make you “high” will lead to the opposite effect and might cause weight gain.

Happy Garden CBD Products for Weight Loss 

Happy Garden products are third-party tested and produced in the USA. Full-spectrum formulations contain less than 0.3% THC and work perfectly for people struggling with being overweight. 

  • CBD Oil 4000mg – 30 ml

While its price comes at $169, it provides all the nutrients of hemp without causing the high psychoactive sensation of THC. In addition, it’s free of toxins, non-GMO, and US-certified. Get it here

  • CBD Gummies Sour Rings 1200/25 mg per each

If you are looking for delicious and highly potent gummies, this broad-spectrum product sourced from high-quality seed stock can help you deal with poor sleep, pain, and weight loss. Check it out here

  • Balm Lemongrass + Moringa, 1200mg

You may wonder how cannabidiol balm can promote weight loss. Some customers say that by relieving pain in their joints, they could be more active in their fitness goals, contributing to weight loss. Buy it here.

  • CBD Flowers Victoria 10G 

Happy Garden flower strains are non-GMO hemp or cannabis. They are grown by organic farming methods and will provide the desired effect for whatever purpose you want to use them. Purchase the bud here

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you’re struggling with weight problems and want to lose weight healthily and naturally, purchasing CBD products might be the best possible option for you. Oils, gummies, flowers, and other types of cannabidiol products can be effective for weight loss. 


However, it’s only if you ensure that CBD is produced with the highest standards and comes in satisfying quality. That’s why we recommend getting your supplements from Happy Garden. Our products are completely natural, organic, kosher, and halal-certified. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at any time for further information.


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