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Did you know that HEMP has a wide range of health benefits for dogs?


We already know that this substance has widely proven benefits for humans, but what about pets? Cannabidiol is known to reduce some health complications in your lovely pet. HEMP oil and other treats for dogs are produced in a full spectrum process that allows the animals to enjoy other cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant. 


It’s natural to have some doubts about substances like cannabidiol since the FDA hasn’t yet approved any human or pet products containing it. However, in this Happy Garden article, you will learn more about this substance and what great benefits it might have for your dog.

How Does HEMP Work for Dogs?

You need to first comprehend what the endocannabinoid system is to know how HEMP oil helps your dog. This system is present in the bodies of both you and your dog and has an impact on everything, including your mood regulation, heart health, digestive system, and cognitive function. 


Cannabinoids are found in hemp plants, which is why the word sounds similar to “endocannabinoid.” Considering that your dog’s body naturally produces cannabinoids, HEMP oils have such a broad range of effects when consumed.


A rising number of clinical studies are attesting to how effective HEMP oil is in enabling animals to live wonderful, healthy lives. Additionally, there is data that demonstrates the potency of cannabidiol in treating a variety of illnesses.

Benefits of HEMP Oil for Dog Health

Dog lovers worldwide report regular consumption of HEMP products has calmed their animals and made them happier. In addition, it has helped reduce anxiety-related symptoms like over-excitement from being left alone in the home without the owner and insecurity from guest arrival.


Let’s review the most significant benefits that using cannabidiol products might have for your lovely friend.


All of the studies that have examined HEMP potency against arthritic pain have shown encouraging findings. According to the research by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, dogs that received HEMP twice daily for a month at a dose of 4.4 mg per pound exhibited a substantial increase in their ability to manage their discomfort and quality of life.


Cannabidiol greatly reduces itching. After eight weeks of therapy, CannPal research in Australia revealed that HEMP products lessen itching, inflammation, and skin by 51%. According to American research by the business ElleVet, owners reported less itching after using their medicine, which mixes it with another cannabinoid, CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid).


Pet owners who use HEMP products to treat their animals say that the symptoms of stress are lessened. These signs include fear of abandonment when owners leave for work or social engagements, as well as nervousness and barking when visitors arrive at the house.


Anxiety because of noise sensitivity happens very often in pets, especially dogs. It is a common reason dog owners look to HEMP for relief. The good news is that a University of Western Australia study may hold promise for understanding violent conduct. In tests, aggressive shelter dogs showed decreased hostility toward people after receiving cannabidiol for 15 days.


Canine seizures may be effectively lessened with HEMP. In this study from Colorado State University, dogs that received this substance for 12 weeks experienced 33% fewer seizures than those who received a placebo. These scientists are currently working on a bigger study with stronger cannabidiol dosages.

Strengthen Immune System

Cannabidiol oil and treats for dogs may help strengthen the immune system, soothe excess temperament, treat joint pain, strengthen the skeletal and muscular system, and contribute to the pet’s overall health. HEMP oil also helps balance behavior, calming and relieving fears, stress, and anxiety.


For instance, cannabidiol bone biscuit treats enriched with HEMP for dogs are excellent as a reward and as positive reinforcement as part of training. You can also give it to soothe your dog during thunderstorms or fireworks.

Risks & Side Effects


HEMP is a safe substance that rarely has any side effects, but the wrong usage of it might cause some minor complications both in humans and dogs. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you are using the recommended dosage to reduce any potential negative effects on your dog.


Some side-effects of using HEMP might include:


  • Mouth Dryness: Studies have demonstrated that cannabidiol can reduce salivation. This would show up in dogs as increased thirst.
  • Low blood pressure: It has been documented that high doses of HEMP temporarily lower blood pressure. Despite the drop’s minor size, it might cause a momentary sense of dizziness.
  • Drowsiness: When consuming greater amounts of cannabidiol, its soothing effect might also produce mild sleepiness.


Is HEMP Legal for Dogs?


In all 50 states, HEMP extracted from hemp plants is completely legal. However, it’s not approved and regulated by the FDA, meaning that the global market is full of scam companies, so you should carefully choose the right product for your dog. 


There aren’t many trustworthy online companies that sell trustworthy products for dogs. However, unique, high-quality HEMP products from Happy Garden will not disappoint you or your dog.

Ways to Choose Quality HEMP for Dogs

In order to choose a satisfying quality cannabidiol product for your dog, there are some things you should pay attention to.


First of all, you should start by looking for HEMP oils that have received endorsements from clients whose dogs have utilized these products and that have received third-party approval. 


Always double-check the company you want to purchase it from. Look into the elements used in the pet HEMP oil’s formulation. 


It’s also a good idea to look into the manufacturer’s agricultural methods and the source of the HEMP.

The Right Dosage of HEMP for Dogs

When dog owners first begin a cannabidiol oil regimen for their companion, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. What dosage of HEMP oil is recommended? You can generally get recommendations from the manufacturer to figure out the ideal starting dose.


However, it’s always better to start with a low dose and increase it gradually. This is often dependent on weight and, occasionally, age. But because your dog is unique, their bodies may react differently to HEMP oil than the bodies of other dogs of the same breed, size, and weight.


Some dogs might only require a small amount, while other dogs could be able to tolerate a higher concentration and larger dose. To be more precise, 25 milligrams to each pound might work. 


For instance, you could need 10 milligrams of HEMP oil for a 20-pound small dog to manage its symptoms. If your dog doesn’t seem to be getting the effects you want, you can gradually increase the dosage by 5 mg of oil per pound.

How to Give HEMP Products to Dogs?

HEMP oil: Pouring cannabidiol oil directly into your dog’s mouth is the best way to administer it if you want to see effects quickly. Drip one portion into the dog or cat’s mouth or dilute it with water or food. However, we all know how picky dogs can be. 


Some dogs may not want to consume it this way since they don’t enjoy the natural flavor of HEMP oils. It’s simple to add it to their preferred dog food, sprinkle it on top of their treats, pour it into their water bowl, and even use it topically to treat certain areas of the body.


HEMP enriched treats: These treats are like regular treats for dogs that they are used to having. Give one to three treats a day, depending on the pet’s weight, and wait for the positive results. In addition to being beneficial, this is also a very fun way for your dog to consume HEMP. 

Best HEMP Products for Dogs on the Market Today

There are a few things to consider when buying cannabidiol oil if you and your veterinarian decide to explore this substance as a therapy for your dog. Not all oils are created equal; for a higher chance of success and a lower probability of side effects, choose a high-quality oil. 


Looking for a beneficial and funny for your picky dog? Then, HEMP steak biscuits or bone biscuit treats may be something you’re looking for. However, for faster results, we suggest you buy HEMP full spectrum tincture for dogs, which is absorbed by the body very quickly. 


Why is Happy Garden the best place to get HEMP products for your dog? 


  • We produce unique HEMP products for dogs, cats, and other pets. 
  • The dog snacks are adapted to the meat-loving dog’s palate (flavored with bacon and steak), So your lovely pet would love to taste them.
  • Higher quality and purity are mainly connected to higher costs. However, at Happy Garden, you can get reasonably priced, high-quality products. 
  • We adhere to GMP-ISO 7 production standards that ensure product quality.
  • You can contact us anytime, and we will be happy to help you and give you all the necessary information about HEMP.


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