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The cannabis plant has hundreds of chemical compounds, some of which are of great medical importance. The main compounds you are familiar with are CBD and THC, while today, the CBG that we added to our products is also widely studied. CBD treats several health conditions and diseases, has no psychoactive effect, and is almost without side effects. The capsules contain CBD oil extracted in advanced technology and after strict quality control. The carrier oil we use is coconut oil, which has many health benefits.

CBD capsules are safe to use in a measured and responsible way and are not dangerous. The World Health Organization WHO stated in 2017 that CBD is non-toxic, has no intoxicating or narcotic effects and has no negative side effects associated with cannabis. These influences come from high amounts of THC. 

The capsules are prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Start with one capsule a day, preferably in the morning, and test the effects for a week. Then decide if you wish to continue with this dose or consume two CBD capsules daily.

Happy Garden’s CBD Capsules

Happy Garden’s CBD capsules are made with premium quality CBD. We use coconut oil as a carrier; it allows you to enjoy its many medicinal benefits compared to other vegetable oils. The CBD that comes in capsules is absorbed quickly and efficiently. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD. We recommend starting with one capsule a day, preferably in the morning. If necessary, you can increase to two capsules a day after the first week of use. Our CBD capsules are available in packs of 30 and 60 pieces, are easy to use, and can be easily incorporated into the daily routine.


What are CBD Capsules?

Happy Garden’s CBD capsules contain CBD oil wrapped in a soft gel. One of the main benefits of using CBD capsules is that they are effortless to consume. All you have to do is swallow them just like any other pill, capsule, or tablet. CBD oil may cause some confusion to new consumers. Some people may ask if to drip the CBD on or under the tongue, directly into the mouth, or on a spoon, how long to keep the oil in the mouth before swallowing, “did I drip the right dose or too much/too little?”. With CBD capsules, there is no room for confusion. take one capsule that already has the exact dose and swallow. 


Benefits of Consuming Happy Garden’s CBD Capsules

The many benefits of CBD can be enjoyed in various forms. The new method that is gaining popularity is CBD capsules because it is very effective and easy to use. Here are the main advantages that will make you also join us:


Final dose: capsules come in a final dose, so you always know the exact CBD intake in each pill. CBD oil is sometimes not clear how much you have consumed and what the exact dose is, but with the capsules, the dose is final, and you know exactly what you have in your body.

Long shelf life: CBD capsules have a longer shelf life than CBD oil. There is no fear of closing the dropper improperly and contaminating the whole bottle with germs. That’s why you can also buy our larger packages and even more than one package in a way that will last for a long time without fear.

Tasteless CBD capsules: CBD capsules are tasteless and easy to swallow. Some consumers are less fond of the taste of CBD oil, although in our case, the oil comes without the typical aftertaste. For those people who are less into the taste of cannabis, CBD capsules are the ideal solution.

Almost no side effects: CBD capsules are considered a product with few side effects if any, as stated in a special report of the World Health Organization on CBD products – WHO.

Treatment of various medical conditions: our capsules are suitable for experienced CBD consumers and inexperienced users who suffer from several diseases and health conditions. For example, severe and mild inflammations, various pains, improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, post-trauma, depression, stress, and anxiety, relief of cancer symptoms, treatment of chronic skin conditions, and many other benefits.


How to Consume CBD Capsules

We recommend starting little and slowly in all our products, the same with CBD capsules. Our capsules contain 25 mg CBD and 25 mg CBG. When calculating how much CBD you need to take per day, it is essential to know your body weight, mass, and metabolic rate. The higher these factors are, you may need a higher dose than people with a low metabolic rate.

We recommend starting with one CBD capsule a day, preferably in the morning, and observing the effects for a week. After that, you can increase the dose to two capsules a day. The instructions are straightforward – there is no difference between taking a CBD capsule and any other medicine or supplement you have ever used. Drink the capsule with a glass of water, and continue your daily routine.

It is essential to purchasing only CBD capsules tested in a third-party laboratory. When you buy CBD capsules here at Happy Garden, you can rest assured that the capsules contain what we declare here, without harmful substances. Everything is backed by a lab report. 


What Else is Important to Know Before Using CBD Capsules

Like all other CBD products, in this case, too, it is not a one-time use that solves every problem. To benefit from all the significant advantages CBD offers, you must use it regularly over time. Consumers who have already used our CBD capsules report an effect after about a week from the start. Each of us has a different weight, a unique health profile, and our genetic and personal history. Therefore, even two people with similar physics will react differently due to their different genetics and metabolism. One will be satisfied with one capsule daily, and another will need two capsules to achieve the same results.

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