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CBG capsules contain the ideal variety of cannabinoids and terpenes from the full-spectrum cannabis plant. Our capsules combine CBG, CBD, and coconut oil as a carrier that also adds to the powerful health profile. The CBG comes from a natural plant source, reduces stress, relaxes, reduces stress, is good for the health of the eyes, bones, and skin, helps to improve sleep, is portable, and is convenient for consumption even outside your home and discreetly. It’s tasteless and odorless for those who do not like the taste of cannabis.

CBG is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, and it does not create high and euphoric effects like THC – the main psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. There is no fear of feelings similar to smoking marijuana when consuming products such as CBG capsules.

Our body’s endocannabinoid system processes CBG, which binds to CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. Scientists believe that CBG enhances the function of anandamide, a neurotransmitter known to enhance pleasure and motivation. Therefore, many use CBG capsules to improve energy levels, appetite regulation, and sleep patterns. CBG also can relieve pain and inflammation.

All you have to do is pour yourself some water and swallow one capsule. After a week, you can increase the dose to two CBG capsules a day. Taking a capsule during the day is better for maintaining the energy level.

Happy Garden’s CBG capsules are an innovative premium product that allows you to enjoy the many benefits of CBG. CBG, or in its full name – cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid, one of the many chemicals in cannabis plants. In recent years, researchers and scientists have shown great interest in CBG, which has many virtues in a way that complements and improves everything that the well-known and beloved CBD offers. CBG capsules contain 25 mg of cannabigerol, and we recommend starting with one capsule daily, preferably in the morning. After the first week, you can double the consumption to two CBG capsules daily. You can purchase a package of 30 or 60 capsules. They are easy to use and easily integrated into your daily routine.


What are CBG Capsules?

CBG capsules are produced using full-spectrum cannabis plant extracts. The capsules contain an ideal variety of cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in cannabis and influence each other in the entourage effect. Happy Garden’s CBG capsules are easy to swallow and have an optimal balance between CBG, CBD, and coconut oil as a carrier that also adds to the product’s health profile. The CBG comes from a natural plant source, reduces stress, relaxes, is good for the eyes, bones, and skin health, and helps to improve sleep. Our product is portable, convenient for consumption outside the home and discreetly, and tasteless and odorless for those who do not like the taste of cannabis.


Benefits of Happy Garden’s CBG Capsules

Exact dosage: CBG capsules come in a clear and precise dosage of 25 mg in each capsule. There is no need to remember how many drops you put in a spoon and try to calculate the dose. With capsules, everything is known and clear.

Long shelf life: the shelf life of CBG capsules is longer than oil, and there is no danger of contaminating the dropper and the whole bottle. Store the packaging according to the instructions and enjoy an extremely long shelf life.

Taste and aroma: We, as well as most of our customers, like the taste and aroma associated with cannabis products, but not everyone is fond of them. If you belong to this group, CBG capsules are an ideal product because they have no taste or smell.

Almost no side effects: CBG capsules are a safe product with no side effects. Our capsules combine CBG with CBD, which according to the World Health Organization, is safe to use.


How to Consume CBG Capsules

If you are a new consumer of cannabis products, starting with slow and controlled consumption is essential. Please pay attention to how it affects you, and only then decide whether to increase the dose. Our CBG capsules come in a dose of 25 mg CBG combined with 25 mg CBD. It is essential to know that the effects are slightly different for each and every one. They depend on your gender, body weight, mass, metabolic rate, and more. Therefore, one person will be satisfied with one pill a day, and another will enjoy the same effects by consuming two CBG capsules daily.

We recommend starting with one CBG capsule daily with priority in the morning and observing how the product affects you. After a week, increase the dose to two capsules a day if necessary. The intake itself is clear and simple, swallow one capsule with a glass of water, just as you do with any other medicine or supplements you have taken in the past.

When purchasing CBG capsules, ensure every product is accompanied by an independent lab report. All our products here at Happy Garden, including CBG capsules, contain only what we declare free of harmful substances, and proof of this can be seen in an external lab report.


What Else is Important to Know Before Using CBG Capsules

Like CBD capsules, CBG capsules start working already with the first capsule. Still, the effect is noticeable after a few days. It is important to emphasize that it is not a single pill that solves all medical problems at the beginning of use. To enjoy what CBG offers, use it over time and regularly. Each of us has a unique genetic profile and medical history, so there may be differences in the effects from person to person. Happy Garden’s CBG products are safe to use. CBG is not a psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause high or euphoric effects like THC. 

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