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CBD for Epilepsy

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In 2013, researchers carried out a study among 19 children who suffered from severe disorders, experimented on average at 12 – anti-epileptic drugs with CBD. Two patients were reported to have full seizures. In comparison, there was an 80% decrease in the relapse of eight patients. And six patients reported a decline of 25-30 percent of the frequency of relapses. In addition to this, it seems that the medication led to improvement in sleep patterns. Similar findings have been found in many studies conducted on this topic.

CBD Products for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a relatively common condition that can occur at any age. This condition affects the brain and causes frequent seizures. Seizures are bursts of electrical activity in the brain that temporarily affect how it works. The Type of seizures and symptoms depends on the area of ​​the brain involved in the disorder and the nature of the condition. With the development of cannabis research, some studies show a possible benefit of CBD for improving the lives of people with epilepsy.

Treating Epilepsy With CBD
Two main products can help treat epilepsy and relieve seizures:

  • CBD Oil: High-quality CBD oils affect the whole body in a general and positive way. It’s easy to use, and after a few days of using CBD oil regularly, you can feel relief from symptoms in various conditions, including those related to epilepsy.


  • CBD gummies: using gummies infused with the cannabidiol molecule contributes to the health and relief of epiphyseal symptoms. The gummies are safe to use and can be taken several times a day.


How CBD Relieve Seizures
Studies conducted in recent years show the efficacy and benefit of daily use of CBD to relieve epilepsy symptoms. A study from 2013 among 19 children who took an average of 12 different anti-disease drugs showed encouraging results. Two participants reported complete seizure prevention, eight others reported a decrease of more than 80% in the frequency of seizures, and six reported a reduction of up to 30%. The positive effect also led to an improvement in sleep patterns and mood.

A broader study conducted in 2018 among 225 patients in New York indicated a significant decrease in the number and severity of seizures. Several other studies show similar results. The FDA has even approved a drug that contains CBD as a treatment for epilepsy.

How To Use CBD Products for Epilepsy
You should drip the oil into a spoon and place it for about a minute under the tongue until completely absorbed. Take the gummies on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning.

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