CBG – CBD Muscle and Joint Cream 1000mg

CBD cream is ideal for treating muscle and joint pain. This product is also infused with CBG. No, this is not a typo or spelling mistake. CBG is a new cannabinoid, and when combined with CBD, it enhances the therapeutic benefits and advantages. The texture of this cream allows you to apply it with is on all body parts. Massage the problematic areas with CBG cream for quick relief. You can repeat using it throughout the day as needed.
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Harness the power of our CBD-infused Muscle and Joint Cream, now with the addition of the revolutionary new cannabinoid, CBG! CBG boasts a slew of promising potential therapeutic benefits when combined with beloved CBD. Enjoy the power of the rare CBG cannabinoid, while savoring a blend of natural essential oils.

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Apply lotion on the affected area before massaging the targeted joints. Apply more lotion throughout the day as needed.

CBD enriched balms and creams for relieving pain

CBD ointments and creams are designed to alleviate the pain in joints, sore muscles, bruises, and inflammation of the deep tissues. Happy Garden’s ointments are enriched with the ancient arnica plant, famous for its ability to heal bruises.

We also combine extracts of organic herbal medicines. For example, our CBD creams and ointments soothe anti-inflammatory spots. They also allow healing pain and act as a sedative.

How to properly use CBD creams and balm

Apply a generous quantity around the affected area and gently rub without causing pain in the surrounding areas. Next, massage the area gently until it fully absorbs the cream or ointment. You can apply several times a day. Do not rub on an open wound.

Benefits of CBD creams and balms:

– Our creams and ointments have a potent healing effect.
– Particularly effective in treating bruises, muscle aches, infections, and more.
– CBD lotions and creams are gentle on the skin.
CBD enriched creams and ointments provide immediate relief when used frequently over time.
-CBD lotions and creams are enriched in antiseptic (anti-inflammatory) properties.

Customer Reviews

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CBG - CBD Muscle and Joint Cream 1000mg

Great For Mosquito Bites!

Received my CBG CBD Cream and it works on mosquito bites for the summer. It stops the itching and cools the spot where they bit. Effective for prevention of itching and it smells super minty and good. Was shipped through Stamps USPS First Class and arrived in 7 Days. Overall I recommend it :)


I have been suffering from muscle and joint pain for many years. What haven't I tried, I've paid for a lot of creams and ointments over the years, they all promise that it helps but it only helps their pocket.
It helped me amazingly, I couldn't believe that for the first time I would feel the difference and the smell is perfect, the product is perfect, thank you, I will recommend it to my close friends.

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