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Are you or your loved one suffering from multiple sclerosis? According to a 2016 study, about 570,000 patients in the US are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). This autoimmune disease reduces overall well-being and causes a variety of serious problems such as muscle weakness, fatigue, burnout, and cognitive reasoning issues.

Patients with MS often turn to different strategies in order to deal with this problem. Using CBD products is one of the most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and relieve pain. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Studies have proved plenty of different benefits of CBD for mental and physical health, such as improved sleep quality, enhanced mood, and even weight loss.

Considering this, an increasing number of MS patients are starting to use cannabidiol to deal with their disease. In this Happy Garden CBD guide, you’ll find out how this substance can help you while suffering from MS.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a central nervous system disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. This disease usually develops when the immune system attacks the fibers of the nerves and leads to various symptoms such as numbness, pain, fatigue, cognitive impairment, and even difficulty moving independently. 


Different individuals usually have different types of symptoms based on the intensity of the nerve damage. However, some of the most common symptoms are the following:


  • Numbness in the legs
  • Muscle spasms
  • Lost vision in eyes
  • Lost power in arms
  • Pain and fatigue
  • Difficulty walking
  • Depression
  • Sexual dysfunction


Still, it’s important to understand that these symptoms can be reduced by receiving proper treatment and using efficient medications. But unfortunately, multiple sclerosis has the potential to get worse without sufficient treatment.


While CBD products can help you relieve some of the symptoms above, you can’t predict what can cause this disease because scientists are still looking for the exact reasons that result in MS. For instance, based on the 2018 study, multiple sclerosis is caused by antigen-specific T cells that trigger neuroinflammation. Regardless of the reasons, substances that contain cannabidiol can help you deal with some symptoms of this severe disease.

How CBD Can Help With MS

People who suffer from MS usually use cannabidiol products to reduce the severity of the symptoms that accompany this disease. In particular, CBD is a fast and efficient way to manage your chronic physical pain and relieve various symptoms. Considering this, this substance has almost the same effect as opioids and other habit-forming drugs that blind the receptors in the brain and reduce pain.

Similar to this, CBD can help you to reduce symptoms such as fatigue, trouble moving, or nerve-related pain. The reason is that cannabis plants have anti-inflammatory properties that can protect the nervous system from pain. Therefore, substances that contain either CBD or THC are helpful for treating autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis.

Now you probably wonder what the process of relieving the MS symptoms looks like. In fact, it doesn’t matter in what form you’re going to take your cannabidiol, whether it’s CBD oil, gummies, or balms. Once you take the product, its active compounds will reach the endocannabinoid system and impact it by having relieving effects. And this ECS system is known as a part of the central nervous system (CNS) that takes part in brain functioning.

This means that CBD products can help you in two ways:


  • Increase the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines;
  • Inhibit the induction of T-cells


As a result, you’ll feel less tired and have less swelling and pain during the days when you take cannabidiol products.

What Does Research Say About CBD for MS?

Recent studies have proved the efficacy of substances that contain cannabidiol for multiple sclerosis. These positive effects include reduced pain and dealing with ​​muscle tightness. But the most significant benefit that CBD could have on patients who suffer from MS is definitely its immunomodulatory potential


In fact, the latest study conducted in 2021 in the Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology proves that cannabidiol has the potential to change the body’s immune system by activating the agents or suppressing its function. 


Other than anti-inflammatory functions, according to Rudroff & Sonsoff (2018), cannabidiol can also improve mobility in people with multiple sclerosis. Therefore, it’s advised to use CBD products in order to reduce pain, fatigue, and spasticity, and consequently, improve mobility. Besides, CBD supplements in food are recommended to reduce pain, fatigue, and depression in people with multiple sclerosis. 


Another study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) in 2017 demonstrated that cannabis products had a significant potential to improve the quality of life of over 10,000 people with MS. Most importantly, studies found that cannabis-based therapy is recommended as it supports the management of pathological events related to MS.

Impact of CBD on Immune System

The main reason why CBD is considered an effective substance for MS treatment is that it positively affects the immune system. If you want to understand how it works on the immune system, you should know that MS is an autoimmune disease, meaning that your immune system is attacking the functional cells instead of viruses. As a result, your nerves are damaged and inflamed, which is why you have trouble moving, breathing, or thinking. 

But hemp-derived CBD oil and other products that contain cannabidiol have specific mechanisms to support your immune system and maintain immunity to MS. Specifically, it increases the natural killer cells that take part in the body’s response to viruses. Besides, CBD products also have calming effects on day-to-day stress and frustration, which is important to maintaining a healthy and active immune system.

Benefits of CBD on Multiple Sclerosis

Here are some of the potential advantages of cannabidiol for patients with multiple sclerosis:


  • CBD attaches to certain receptors in the CNS and changes how these receptors respond to external stimulation. This can lead to reduced inflammation and enhanced responses of the immune system to outside threats.


  • Using cannabidiol oil as a supplement has the potential to deal with severe symptoms of MS such as muscle spasms, fatigue, physical pain, and problems with mobility. 


  • CBD is found to be an effective tool for pain management while dealing with multiple sclerosis. It also helps to overcome nerve-related pain or cognitive discomfort.

Possible Side Effects

Generally, CBD products are considered safe as they don’t have the potential to impact your cognitive functions. However, it’s important to manage the dosage of cannabidiol, especially as a supplement, because there are some possible side effects you should be aware of:


  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Reduced or increased appetite
  • Lightheadedness
  • Damage to the liver
  • Weight gain or loss


Keep in mind that even though CBD is considered legal in the USA for consumption, you need to keep an eye on the specific ingredients that cannabidiol products contain. Therefore, it’s important to buy this substance from reliable sources in order not to exceed the permitted amount of THC in cannabis products. 


Moreover, receiving CBD with food high in fat might lead to severe side effects such as liver damage. What’s more, it can also react with other medications you’re taking, leading to addiction side effects. That’s why you need to contact your doctor before using CBD for multiple sclerosis.

How to Take CBD for Multiple Sclerosis?

Cannabidiol usually comes in different forms. Therefore, there are various types of products that contain this substance and plenty of ways you can use it to deal with multiple sclerosis. Here are some of the possible ways you can take CBD for MS:


  • Oils – CBD oil is indeed the most common way to take this substance. You can simply put the oil drops under your tongue and ingest them orally. Another option to make use of cannabidiol oil is to add it to your food as a substitute for regular oil. 


  • GummiesCBD gummies are ideal for people who have difficulty taking pills or capsules. Although pills might be more effective for more severe issues, not everyone is comfortable taking this substance in the form of capsules. Gummies come in various flavors, and this will help you have a satisfying experience.


  • Creams and balms – You can also take CBD in the form of personal care products such as creams or balms. Rubbing cannabidiol on your skin is especially helpful for muscle or joint pain or various skin conditions. 


  • Dietary supplement – Another great way to take CBD is as a supplement to your daily diet. For example, you can add it to your foods or drinks, or take oral capsules, or sprays, but for this, you should know the proper rules and consult with your doctor.

Where Can You Buy CBD for MS?

If you’re thinking about buying CBD to treat multiple sclerosis, you should know that not every provider is equally trustworthy. Therefore, you should try to find companies that offer high-quality CBD products and are known as reputable dispensaries. 


That’s why Happy Garden CBD is the right place to purchase cannabidiol products without thinking twice. If you take a look at our about us page, you can easily see that all the products we offer are naturally derived, research-proven, and meet the highest standards of production. In fact, we use GMP-ISO 7 production standards and all of our CBD products are Kosher and Halal certified. 


So, feel free to reach out to our team any time and purchase CBD products from Happy Garden safely and timely.

Key Takeaways

All in all, if you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and are looking for ways to reduce the severity of your symptoms, taking CBD products can help you to reduce the pain, get free of muscle spasms, and improve your overall functioning. Cannabidiol has a proven medical benefit for MS, meaning that chances are that you can relieve some of the symptoms by using it.


Still, the advantages of CBD for MS differ based on the specific conduction. So, talk with your doctor and choose the most suitable product from Happy Garden to heal from multiple sclerosis.


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