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When you’re relatively new to CBD, many questions may ensue. ‘Can you overdose on CBD oil?’ seems to be the question needing answers. To most people, CBD is uncharted territory, and this can be really scary. This reaction is only natural, and we’re here to give you answers.

As with most things in life, moderation is essential, and CBD Oil is not left out. However, CBD Oil is not capable of causing a lethal overdose. Plus, taking too much CBD Oil may just make you extremely uncomfortable. So, No, you cannot overdose on CBD Oil.


  • From a medical standpoint, every medication or drug has its recommended dosage guiding its usage. This dosage should not be surpassed else it would lead to an overdose. If an overdose is not handled as an emergency, it may cause lethal repercussions. Overdose symptoms include-: arrhythmia, hyperventilation, nausea and vomiting, migraines, anxiety and agitation, chest pain, etc. These symptoms vary amongst different drugs.
  • Opioids are drugs that significantly inhibit the Central Nervous System (CNS), and hence overdoses are more likely with them. However, unlike opioids, CBD has no significant effect on CNS inhibition. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has a great affinity for cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are not a lot at the brainstem. The fewer the receptors, the less activation and the less opportunity for an overdose. Therefore, if you take relatively large doses of CBD Oil, there will not be an overdose.
  • In most scenarios, CBD oil contains little to no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC, unlike CBD, has a high affinity for CB1 receptors. These receptors tend to be triggers for psychoactive effects like anxiety, paranoia, etc. CBD’s weak affinity for this receptor also makes it nearly impossible to overdose on CBD Oil.

Effects of Too Much CBD Oil

Now we’ve seen why CBD Oils will not lead to an overdose, but still, there is such a thing as taking too much. This means that CBD, like every other medication, elicits some side effects. Some examples of the effects of too much CBD Oil are: Drowsiness, Dry mouth, Diarrhea, increased or reduced appetite (varies in people), nausea and vomiting, Lethargy, and Sedation.

These risks can easily be minimized regardless of how safe CBD Oil is.

  • Ensure you buy only quality CBD Oils with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and results from laboratory tests. This way, you have complete information concerning its purity and potency. Plus, it provides proof that the CBD oil is contaminant-free.
  • Pace yourself. Do not follow the same doses that your friends use as your body is different. Eventually, you will find the perfect dosage for your body.
  • Make inquiries from your doctor. This helps you make the best decision for yourself with respect to your medical history.

So, how much CBD Oil is too much?

Truthfully, it all depends on your body’s metabolism and other pharmacokinetic factors. The most common dosage that is safe is between 20 and 1,500 milligrams (mg) per day. However, a 2019 study showed that 6000mg of CBD Oil with a very low THC content should cap it off. You just have to find what works for you and adjust it to fit your needs whenever needed.

How Do The Effects of CBD Oil Last?

CBD effects could last for as long as 8 hours, which is an excellent and desirable quality for many people. But then again, in the case of excessive intake of CBD oil, the time duration of the CBD effects will be really helpful. The factors that influence the time duration are:

  • Age and metabolism rate of the person who used the CBD Oil.

Effects last longer in older people.

  • The Method used to administer the CBD oil.

CBD Oils last for about 2 to 4 hours unlike edibles like CBD Gummies which last longer (6 to 8 hours)

  • The potency of the CBD Oil and how often it is used.

A more potent CBD Oil like Happy Garden’s CBD Oil 4000mg will have a longer effect when compared to Happy Garden’s CBD Oil 1000mg. On the aspect of frequency, tolerance can be developed, and very potent doses may have shorter effects for a frequent user.


So far, there have been no lethal overdoses concerning CBD. It is much less likely for you to overdose on CBD Oil. Irrespective of the general safety of CBD, care needs to be taken in purchasing your CBD oils to avoid unhealthy and harmful products. Quality CBD Oils, where you know the exact content should be purchased from trusted platforms for optimum health.

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