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The term Nano CBD may sound strange to some people. You may be wondering about CBD’s relationship with Nanotechnology. Happy Garden CBD carried out in-depth research about that topic and has provided several insights about this form of CBD. Is it effective, and how does it differ from other traditional 

products? To understand what Nano product is, it is essential to know nanotechnology and its relation to cannabidiol. 

What is Nanotechnology? 

Nanotechnology is the study of minute structures. It involves manipulating different types of matter at a minute level and using the effects in several applications, including engineering, medicine, etc. Research shows that most materials produce different effects when broken down to their smallest level, and this is what nanotechnology is all about. 

Relationship between Nanotechnology and CBD

While nanotechnology provided high impact in several fields, experts began to research its impact on the human body if applied to CBD production. Since its application in the cannabis industry, nanotechnology has enhanced the effects produced by several CBD products. Research shows that the amount of cannabidiol absorbed is less than 20% of the total CBD consumed. 

With the application of nanotechnology, droplets of CBD oil are broken down into tiny microscopic particles which pass easily to your bloodstream and can be quickly absorbed to produce maximum effects. Nano CBD refers emulsions that are reduced to about twenty to two-hundred nanometers which are about 0.000000001 meters. One nanometer is ten times smaller than the total width of a DNA strand. 

Is Nano CBD effective?

Nano CBD products may offer you several benefits because of their high bioavailability and their ability to absorb your bloodstream. Here are reasons why you may consider taking Nano-emulsified CBD products:

  • Nano CBD produces a maximum effect at low concentrations.

Studies show that the body easily absorbs Nano CBD particles due to their minute sizes. It means that consuming a concentration of the products may produce maximum benefits to you.

  • Increased Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a vital term used in the production of health-related products. It has to do with the rate or degree of absorption of a substance into your bloodstream. Studies show that Nano CBD enhances bioavailability to about 90% and ensures that more quantity of the product gets absorbed by your body. 

  • Water solubility

Traditional CBD products contain CBD oil and may not dissolve in a water-soluble medium. However, the oil is broken into minute particles that the watery medium may easily absorb into your body with nanotechnology.

  • Faster effects

Research shows that the mode of consumption and the type of CBD product may determine how fast you may experience the effects of it and how long the effect may last in your body. Nano CBD products have a fast absorption rate which makes you experience the effects of CBD faster. The products produce faster and longer effects if you take them topically or orally. 

How are Nano CBD Products Made?

Since it is known that oil does not mix with water, how then do Nano CBD products work in your body system, which has a high percentage of water? To explain this phenomenon, we shall use salad dressing as an example. Most ingredients used in salad dressing, including egg yolks or honey, offer more than just taste to the salad dressing. 

They also function as oil and water stabilizers which allow for the better emulsion of oil and water and bind them together to make the product water-soluble. Nano CBD products such as Nano oil and Nano water have water and CBD oil as the primary ingredient. Water is responsible for stabilizing the CBD particles’ emulsion. 

Lecithin is a common Nano CBD product, and this fat is also present in egg yolks, which helps bind your salad dressing. Lecithin binding properties keep the particles present in CBD particles from being separated from the watery ingredients that make up Nano CBD products.  

What is The Difference between Traditional CBD and Nano CBD products?

The primary difference between Nano CBD and other traditional CBD products is the size of the particles. The particles have been broken down into tiny molecules for Nano products to enhance absorption rate. 

However, the effect you may experience is based on consumption like other traditional CBD products. Whether to take traditional oil products or Nano products depends on individual preference. Nano CBD products are purely CBD isolate, and some consumers may prefer broad or full-spectrum, which is present in some traditional products.

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