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If you are a professional CBD consumer, you may have experienced the start-up and wearing-off effect of CBD in your body. However, for first-time users who may like to know what to expect when they take CBD, Happy Garden CBD has conducted evidence-based research to let you know how long you may feel the effect of CBD after consumption. 

Research shows that the duration of the effect of CBD in the body is not the same for everyone. Different factors may affect how long you may experience the effect of CBD. However, a typical time frame to experience CBD’s effect may be between two to five days, but this duration is not a rule of thumb for everyone due to several factors.

Factors that determine how long you may feel the effect of CBD

The following factors may be responsible for the differences in the duration of CBD’s effect in individual body systems:

  • How much CBD do you consume

The dosage of CBD you consume plays a role in influencing how long you may feel the effect. For example, someone who consumes a higher concentration of about 1000 to 2000 mg may find the effect of CBD lasting longer in their system than a person who consumed250mg of CBD.

That is why experts advise beginners to consume less concentration oand gradually increase their dosage level to reduce the duration of the effect in your body. 

  • Your body type

People react differently to the effect of CBD because of the different metabolism rates in individuals. Studies show that two people may consume similar CBD products with the same dosage, and one may experience a longer CBD effect than the other. The water content level in your body, your body’s mass index, and the rate of metabolism in your body may affect how long CBD can last in your body. 

  • The frequency of CBD consumption

The duration of CBD in your system may be due to how often you consume it. Instead of the CBD effect wearing off, you add more concentration to your body, leading to an extended effect timeline. Experts suggest that new consumers of CBD who are seeking to experience its effects should consider taking it for one week at first to see if it meets your desired expectations. 

  • Food intake

Food is one factor influencing the duration of effect you may experience from consuming CBD. The type of food you eat, the quantity of food you consume, and when you eat are essential parameters for determining how long CBD may last in your body. For example, taking CBD without eating may hasten the metabolism process, which sees a shorter CBD effect in your body since the rate of digestion increases. 

In contrast, you may experience a longer CBD effect if you consume it when filled because it may take longer for digestion to occur.

  • Mode of consumption

The method of consuming CBD may also affect how long the substance may last in your system. It may also influence the level of experience you may get after taking it. For example, the feelings derived from vaping and enjoying your favorite CBD-infused chocolates are different.

There are several ways of taking CBD because the products come in various forms, including edibles, lotions, cream, CBD flowers, tinctures and oils, capsules and creams, etc. When you consume it by vaping, the vapor enters your lungs, and the effect may be quick. It also reduces the duration the substance may last in your body. 

For oil and tinctures, which involve placing CBD under your tongue, the substance is directly absorbed into your bloodstream faster, and you may experience a longer effect. Consuming CBD in the form of edibles may take longer for effect to set in. lotions and creams take longer to be absorbed into your body; hence, the effect may be lasting. 

How long does it take to start experiencing the effect of CBD? 

There is no specific time, but it largely depends on your body type and composition. Some may experience the effect faster than others. Generally, the effect of vaping CBD may be felt within fifteen minutes, but topicals and edibles may take longer. 

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