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What do we do when we are tired, sleepy, or just need energy for a long working day? 

We try to get caffeine by drinking different beverages like coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Regardless of the choice, most of the time we need caffeine to boost our energy level, and it works perfectly. But sadly, intaking too much caffeine can also be dangerous.

But what if there’s a way to maximize the benefits of caffeine? If you want to make the most of your daily coffee, then we suggest you start thinking about using CBD. It won’t only help you to get all the benefits of coffee, but also have a positive impact on your body. 

In this Happy Garden guide, we’ll help you understand all the benefits CBD can have along with caffeine. We’ll also discuss how combining these two substances can may help you fight some of the most disturbing conditions in your health.

How Does CBD Work? – A Brief Review

To begin with, CBD is a substance found in marijuana, but it doesn’t get you high and is legal unless it has more than 0.3 THC. 

CBD has recently become popular because it has been demonstrated to may have positive effects on several health conditions, including pain, anxiety, and obesity. To make pure CBD, it needs to be extracted from a cannabis hemp plant. 

There are several forms of cannabidiol, some of the most popular being:

  • CBD oils
  • Tinctures
  • CBD gummies
  • Balms and creams

How does CBD work? We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our body, which consists of enzymes and receptors regulating our different biological functions. This substance interacts with the ECS and helps it to regulate sleep, mood, and even our immune system. 

Why has it become so popular recently? Studies conducted on this substance have demonstrated some mind-blowing effects on the human body. For instance, according to a 2018 study, CBD could help with pain and inflammation, while another study from 2020 shows its benefits in maybe reducing anxiety. This means that cannabidiol has great potential to benefit you in various ways.

How Does Caffeine Work on Our Health?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4 out of 5 adults in the U.S. consume caffeine daily. Considering this, it goes without saying that caffeine is part of our daily lives, so it’s crucial to know its benefits and possible side effects. 

It’s widely known that caffeine affects the central nervous system. As a result, it boosts our metabolism and has a positive influence on our energy and mood levels. This provides us with an “extra” possibility to not lose motivation while having a long, boring, busy working day.

Despite all the benefits, some side effects can occur after consuming caffeine for more than 400 milligrams a day. Some of the common side effects of caffeine can include:

  • Stomach problems
  • Headaches and anxiety
  • Sleeping problems
  • Increased heart rate

CBD and Caffeine: 5 Benefits of Mixing the Two

Do you wonder what CBD and caffeine have in common? Before we go into details, you should know that just like CBD, caffeine also affects biological functions through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But their effects are different. 

In particular, while CBD could help you relax, caffeine acts as a stimulant. Even though they have opposite effects, they both tend to be very beneficial for our health since using these two substances in different doses can give us radically different results.

Here are the main benefits of consuming CBD and caffeine combined:

  1. CBD might help with a caffeine addiction

Day by day, more people get addicted to caffeine drinks, especially coffee. Constant drinking of coffee and intake of a high volume of caffeine can put human health at risk. That’s why many coffee drinkers try to reduce their intake of caffeine. Unfortunately, the process of withdrawal isn’t that easy and may cause some bothersome symptoms. 

Some of the most common symptoms of caffeine withdrawal are:

  • nausea 
  • headache 
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • tremor
  • fatigue

These symptoms might last from two to nine days, but the good news is that all of these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated by using CBD. 

  1. It could boost your mood

Are you also consuming coffee to increase your mood and feel better? As a matter of fact, both substances, CBD and coffee, may increase the level of the “happy” hormone, serotonin, which affects your mood positively. 

Caffeine in general increases serotonin receptors and their sensitivity, while CBD affects the brain’s chemical receptors that respond to serotonin. This way, it has a positive influence on serotonin and may reduces both depression and anxiety. 

  1. It can make you more alert

Caffeine and CBD together may help us be more focused and concentrated. In particular, caffeine makes us hyper and cannabidiol helps with anxiety. Therefore, mixing these two might help us focus and maintain a clear mind.

Cannabidiol might also help with sleep disorders. Concentration problems are mainly caused by sleepless nights, and we all know how hard it is to focus after one. But adding this substance might help you get the amount of sleep necessary for your body. So, in order to have a long and productive day, add CBD to your daily coffee and boost your concentration.

  1. It’s a great way to maybe reduce stress and anxiety

Believe it or not, sometimes people infuse their coffee with cannabidiol just to reduce their stress and anxiety. While CBD has been shown to might be an effective way to reduce stress hormones, caffeine will boost your serotonin receptors and, in cooperation with CBD, might help you balance your mood, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety.

  1. It might lead to better brain functioning

How can caffeine and CBD help our brain function? While caffeine takes care of keeping us more awake and alert, CBD has been shown to might improve the working of receptors directly, which also causes alertness. That’s why mixing these two substances can improve your brain function while also protecting your brain neurons from deterioration!

In preliminary research, CBD has been shown to might improve brain cell connections, decrease inflammation, and minimize oxygen accumulation. With all the benefits mentioned, this substance can also act as a brain stimulant. All of these lead to a better functioning brain.

How Can You Get CBD Infused Coffee?

Manufacturing CBD-infused coffee is slowly becoming a trend in the coffee industry nowadays. The reason is that people are no longer interested in plain coffee, but they prefer to find one with cannabidiol products that are becoming part of their daily habits.

But how can you mix these two substances? Simply mix your oil into the brew. What’s more, you should know that cannabidiol brownies, pastries, and even gummies are among the delightful delicacies available. That’s an excellent method to obtain one’s daily CBD dose in a format that goes well with coffee. 

What are the advantages of CBD-infused coffee?

  • It will not get you high. CBD-infused coffee might help people who have anxiety, stress, and depression. If we combine it with coffee, you’ll have mental clarity, as well. 
  • Enjoy your coffee without any side effects. At the same time, CBD neutralizes some of the coffee’s side effects and keeps you alert and highly relaxed at the same time.
  • You can drink it daily.  There haven’t been any complaints about the daily intake side effects of this beverage. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t control the dosage. Everything in a high dose can be dangerous.

Tips for Mixing CBD Oil with Caffeine

However safe a substance might be, everything needs its instructions, and so does CBD oil and caffeine combined. That’s why you should consider some of these tips to make sure you are on the right path and getting maximum benefits from both substances.

  • Find the best dose for you

Since not much is known about the exact dosing of CBD, it’s always better to start with a low amount and increase it slowly until you get the best result for you. Starting with a high dose may cause side effects.

  • When to take CBD

It depends on what your goal is. This substance needs time until it is absorbed, and the best way to consume it is 20–40 minutes before the caffeine. But this time it is just for orientation. You can find out what period of time best works for you.

  • Watch out for the heat!

Many substances lose their abilities when interacting with heat, and CBD is no exception. Cannabidiol can lose some of its benefits under extreme heat, so we recommend you don’t add it directly to your hot coffee.

Is CBD and Caffeine Safe Together? – Research-based facts

There is no exact answer about combining CBD and caffeine, but a few studies that were conducted state that it is likely safe, but both of these substances are known to have few side effects. The best way to avoid these side effects is to find the perfect dose of both caffeine and CBD and avoid taking them with other medications. 

A 2015 study found that not only does CBD influence the side effects of caffeine, but caffeine also appears as a protective mechanism against the side effects of high intake. According to research, cannabidiol isn’t as strong when consumed with caffeine, which makes it safer. 

Also, based on the study published in the National Library of Medicine, CBD causes no harm to health but is beneficial when used properly. It depends on how you decide whether it’s better to consume these two substances. No study suggests the normal amount of cannabidiol and caffeine can have any dangerous side effects. 

After all, the best research to trust is the experience of thousands of people that add CBD to their drinks full of caffeine, and for today, mixing cannabidiol and caffeine doesn’t cause any side effects.

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil for Your Coffee

The safety of combining cannabidiol and caffeine also depends on another important thing: the quality of the product you have or plan to get. Purchasing cannabidiol products isn’t easy, and when you aren’t aware of the decency of the providers, it also takes a lot of time. 

If you’re wondering where you can choose the right CBD oil to infuse into your coffee, let us introduce some of the most obvious benefits of buying it on Happy Garden:

  • We produce kosher and halal products and use a GMP-ISO 7 production standard that guarantees you’re getting the right product at the right place.
  • Shipping is up to 3 days, so you don’t have to wait too long, but you can enjoy your CBD-infused coffee in a few days.
  • There is a wide choice of cannabidiol products on Happy Garden, including CBD oils, gummies, and flowers, so you can get the product that best fits your interests.
  • We sell CBD products extracted using a full-spectrum approach with natural and organic ingredients. This is a guarantee of high-quality products.

So don’t hesitate to get the most suitable type of CBD from Happy Garden and combine it with your favorite coffee to enjoy all the possible benefits!

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