CBG&CBD 1000mg oil

CBG&CBD 1,000mg Oil is one of our innovative products characterized by a moderate and speedy effect. This product has no side effects; it doesn't cause addiction, and there's no high feeling associated with weed. Like other Happy Garden oils, the 1,000mg CBG&CBD oil is made from natural ingredients, non-GMO, and suitable for vegans.
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CBG&CBD 1,000mg oil is suitable for patients who need immediate relief from various medical symptoms. The oil is ideal for people suffering from minor health symptoms such as high blood pressure and inflammation. CBG&CBD 1,000mg oil can also be used as a mood-balancing supplement.

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How to use 1,000mg CBG&CBD oil?

The most convenient way to consume the oil is to drip a small amount on a spoon, place it under the tongue and wait with the spoon in the mouth for about 30 seconds. The mucous membranes and blood capillaries in the area under the tongue will help the CBG oil to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into the bloodstream.

Why drip the oil on a spoon and not directly on the tongue? Because the leftovers and bacteria in the mouth can contaminate the dropper. When you return the dripper to the bottle, the bacteria that were previously in your mouth may spoil the whole bottle.


Is it permissible to eat and drink after using the oil? 

We recommend consuming the CBG&CBD oil during the day and not at night to fully absorb the substance and help you get through the day safely. It is recommended to avoid eating, drinking coffee, or smoking for about half an hour after use. If you still decide to drip before going to bed, avoid brushing your teeth so as not to reduce its effect.


Is the oil suitable for new or experienced consumers? 

1,000mg CBG oil is especially ideal for consumers with little experience taking similar substances who want to enjoy its medical benefits. The low concentration will allow you to examine how the CBG&CBD oil affects your body and find the exact dose to help you overcome troubling medical symptoms. If you have previously used an even weaker CBG&CBD oil, keep in mind that the concentration is twice as high, so you should start with half the drops you consumed before.

If you are a novice consumer without experience with CBG&CBD products, start with a low dose of about 4-8 drops a day and increase it gradually. Keep in mind that in the first few days of taking the CBG&CBD oil, we recommend not taking more than 20 mg daily. It is so that your body gets used to the new substance. The information on the packaging will help you calculate how many percent of CBG each drop contains.

It is important to remember that even if you have overdosed, there is no fear of addiction or the “high” feeling. CBG is not a drug, and the concentration of THC in it is lower than 0.2%, as required by law.


When will the oil start to work? 

As mentioned, the main feature of 1,000mg CBG&CBD oil is a speedy effect. You won’t feel the difference immediately, but according to consumer reports, it’s a matter of hours until you feel significant relief. It is important to note that consumers react differently to CBG&CBD due to differences in body structure, height and weight, genetics, and medical condition.


Please note that pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consult a medical professional before use.


The bottom line: 

– Start with a dose of 4-8 drops a day until you get used to it

– Drip on a spoon and not directly on the tongue

– Leave the spoon under the tongue for about a minute until it is fully absorbed

– New users do not take more than 20 drops a day at first

– After use, avoid food, coffee, and cigarettes for half an hour

– Pregnant or breastfeeding women consult a doctor or nurse before the first consumption.

Our CBG&CBD 1,000mg oil has many benefits:

– It is easy and convenient to use

– It is legal and does not require a license to possess medical cannabis

– Although it is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is not a drug and therefore does not create a high feeling or euphoria

– is a natural and vegan pain reliever that does not undergo a genetic engineering process

– It is incredibly effective in alleviating various medical symptoms – from high blood pressure to slow cancer progression. 

– Like our other oils, it is tested in an external and independent laboratory and comes with an orderly report

– Like our other oils, CBG oil is also produced through a long refining process that prevents the aftertaste that sometimes accompanies natural nutritional supplements.

– Our customers report pleasing taste, quick effect, and high efficiency.

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CBG&CBD 1000mg oil has been my go-to for calm and relaxation. Honestly, I feel a difference. Highly recommend it!

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