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CBD Oil 2000mg – 30ml

CBD Oil 2000mg will help people suffering from chronic pain, tension, and other medical issues. Each drop gives you the incredible, powerful relief you need. Within 15 minutes, you will start to feel the impact, and after just a few days, you'll notice a significant change. Like all our oils, Happy Garden's 2000mg CBD oil is 100% organic and natural, which means you can rest assured you're getting the best quality with each drop.
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GMP Certified
Organic CBD
CBD concentration:
THC concentration:
Below 0.2%

Ideal for a moderate effect, this full-spectrum CBD oil is a safe and simple way to get more elevated relief from pain and anxiety.

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This 20% (2000 mg) hemp oil with CBD in a 30ml bottle is a blend of natural processes that support our body’s defensive mechanisms. It improves heart rate, cholesterol level, blood glucose, skin, muscle, and joint function.

CBD Oil Intake Methods

20% CBD oil contains a quality amount of 2000 mg in the dropper bottle of 30 ml. In other words, you are getting a strong dosage of CBD in every drop (about 20 mg).

When you start using the CBD oil of Happy Gardens, we recommend starting with a lower dosage. Use 1-2 drops and put them under your tongue, hold them up to 2 minutes, and then swallow. This time should be enough to let the oil absorb into your blood system. Take the oil twice a day on an empty stomach and 60-90 minutes before bed for better results.

How to Determine CBD Oil Dosage

The CBD dosage depends on the health problem you are treating. For example, anxiety doses range from moderate to heavy. It’s best to start with a low or mild amount first to see the body’s reaction. If you don’t see any effect, take the moderate dosage. The quantity of CBD oil for pain also varies largely, depending on the severity of the pain and other factors. So whether you are aiming at treating depression or sleep disorder, the dosage should be calculated based on your individual characteristics:

  • Weight and size
  • Your tolerance to CBD
  • Health condition you are treating
  • The level of concentration of CBD oil
  • Your body chemistry

We advise starting with a minimal dose (2 mg) and increasing by 3-6 mg per dose until you figure out which quantity works best for you.

Important: Never take a high dose if you are using CBD oil for the first time.

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