CBD Gummies – Watermelon Slices 750 mg/25 mg per gummy

Happy Garden watermelon flavored CBD gummies are our favorites! Made with kosher fish gelatin and fresh watermelon, these CBD slices are positively good for you. They don't contain any pesticides or GMOs. CBD has been linked to reduced joint pain, inflammation, stress relief so it may help with a host of health conditions. How awesome is that?
  • Broad-spectrum
  • 750 mg per bottle
  • 25 mg per piece
  • Watermelon flavor and coated sugar 
  • Vegan, kosher, and infused
  • Third-party lab tested 
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CBD Products » CBD Gummies – Watermelon Slices 750 mg/25 mg per gummy
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Organic CBD
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Broad-spectrum CBD gummies provide a life-saving solution in our fast-paced life. Too much noise can stress out, but our product with the legal limit of THC reduces stress and anxiety without creating euphoria and causing adverse effects.

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CBD gummies are edibles that should be taken orally. Please see your doctor to know exactly the dosage, based on your weight, health, age, and other factors. Otherwise, take 1-2 pieces, but don’t exceed 4 pieces every six hours. 

It’s important to remember that it takes time before feeling the CBD effect. To accelerate absorption, make a habit of consuming gummies on an empty stomach. Even if you eat gummies when you’re full, it will not reduce its potency; it will simply take longer for the CBD to kick in.  


  • Talk to your doctor if you are taking other medication. 
  • Check out ingredients to avoid an allergic reaction.  
  • If you are a first-time user and take too many gummies, you may experience rapid heartbeat, sweating, and even paranoia. 
  • Our product is non-vegan. 

How CBD works with our body

Our broad-spectrum gummies are infused with active ingredients known as CBD or cannabidiol and might contain some traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD doesn’t trigger any psychoactive effects, while THC level is so minimal that it’s unlikely to cause a feeling of “high.” The unique feature of CBD lies in its ability to affect our endocannabinoid system that controls our sleep, mood, appetite, and other processes. Similarly, a low-THC therapy approved in many states can successfully alleviate conditions, such as PTSD, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, and others. Some studies have proved the therapeutic benefits of CBD and low-level THC.

Happy Garden’s watermelon gummies are easy to dose – each piece is 25 mg. So daily consumption is very convenient; you know exactly the amount you take. Besides, we cater to the growing demand for kosher products. Our CBD slices with watermelon flavor produced in the cleanest way possible create a pleasant experience for consumers. 

CBD-infused edibles akin to gummies may become a good alternative when traditional medicine fails.

Glucose Syrup (Contains Sulfite), Sugar, Water, Kosher Fish Gelatin, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Pectin, Artificial Flavor, FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1, Titanium Dioxide, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.

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