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Cannabidiol – CBD and mental disorders

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes changes in energy levels, mood and focus. The lives of people suffering from this disorder, also known as manic-depression, vary between periods of high energy that are experienced as good, and between periods of depression.

Most people with Bipolar disorder are treated with prescription drugs, some of which have physiological effects such as obesity and more. In recent years, the question of whether cannabidiol – CBD may be an option for treating the problem has been repeatedly raised. Although there is already research evidence that CBD has some health benefits for treating anxiety and depression, the topic is still being researched.

A 2020 review, for example, suggests that CBD may help reduce symptoms of mental conditions such as social anxiety and schizophrenia; But regarding Bipolar disorders the conclusions are not decisive.

Early research suggests that CBD may act as a mood stabilizer for people with Bipolar disorder. Another review, from 2020, claims that CBD may be beneficial in the treatment of depressive states associated with Bipolar disorder, due to its sedative and antidepressant effects. A clinical trial from the same year suggests that CBD may be beneficial as an adjunctive or complementary treatment for Bipolar depression.

Since CBD has also been shown to have an anxiety-reducing effect and shows therapeutic potential in the treatment of addictions, researchers believe that it could be beneficial for people with Bipolar disorder, as many people with mood disorders have co-occurring conditions such as anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

Researchers claim that there is a significant difference between using isolated CBD (which does not include other components of the cannabis plant) and between using the plant itself, since the THC component may have a negative effect on people with Bipolar disorder.


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