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When to take CBD

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Is there a suitable time to consume CBD? To answer this question, Happy Garden CBD has carried out extensive research on the various reasons why people consume CBD and what time is best to take it. It may be difficult to identify a suitable time to consume it without highlighting why people choose to take CBD, the type of products, concentration, age, body type, medical condition, and more. 

There is no suitable time to take CBD from our research, but we shall highlight some factors that may influence your intake.

Factors that may determine when to take CBD

As earlier mentioned, some factors may affect your intake of CBD, and to some extent, these factors usually play a significant role in determining the right time to consume CBD.

  • Medical condition

One primary factor influencing when to take CBD is your medical condition. For example, studies show that cannabidiol may help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, sleep difficulty, chronic pain, etc. Therefore, people with such underlying medical conditions may be classified as medical marijuana patients and given a prescription by their doctor. 

Such individuals may have to follow a strict CBD consumption routine to have more improved relief from the symptoms of their medical condition. The severity of the symptoms may also determine the frequency or timing of taking CBD. Since your CBD intake may be subject to prescription guidelines, you may choose to take it at any time of the day as long as you adhere to your doctor’s prescription.

  • Dosage

The concentration of CBD you consume may influence when you should take it. For people who take high CBD potency, it may be wise to take it during hours when you are less busy, like during the night. For example, people experiencing insomnia symptoms may prefer before bed. However, if you are active during the night due to your job, then you may want to consider consuming during the day.

  • Body type

Everyone reacts differently to CBD intake. Some may feel the need to have a long nap, and others may feel more lively. Although it does not produce psychoactive effects, your reaction to its consumption may be influenced by your body type and how much of the product may seem okay. The way you react to CBD consumption may let you know if you should take it at a particular time. 

  • Age

Some state laws prevent people below a specific age bracket from consuming CBD. For those living under such laws, the best time to take CBD may be when you attain the legal age, or you are medically certified as a medical marijuana patient. However, the time of day to take CBD when legally qualified may depend on your personal preference, body type, medical condition symptoms, and more. 

How much CBD should you take?

The quantity of CBD you can take depends on your medical condition, body type, age, medical history, and more. However, it is important to start small and increase your dosage gradually if you are a beginner when taking CBD. Experienced CBD users should also avoid overstretching their limits and stick to the product prescription. 

When you begin to feel the effect, it may be wise to stop at that point. CBD oil products may come in concentrations such as 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg. 

Why consistency is important when taking CBD

The way CBD metabolizes in your body may be different from another person. That is why some people may take a single dose and feel the full effect while another person may not. For example, suppose you start with CBD, and you do not feel any benefits after your first dose. In that case, it is advisable to show some level of consistency because, over time, you may gradually start to feel the effects that may be beneficial to you. 

Develop your CBD routine

You can develop your routine based on the dosage, type of CBD products, and the time of intake that best suits you. Whether during the day or at night, choose a CBD intake routine that favors you and stick to your routine for a better user experience.

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