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Terpenes are responsible for the sheen, stickiness, and decadent scent of cannabis strains. These natural substances are present in all forms of plant life and provide a variety of distinct fragrances and tastes. You can find them nestled within sweet fruits, fragrant flowers, and savory spices. 

People often use “terpenoids” as a substitute for “terpenes,” but they are not the same. When these chemicals are present in a living plant, they are known as terpenes. But as the plants dry and cure, their terpenes oxidize to become terpenoids. 

Studies on cannabis terpenes reveal that these natural oils play a much more significant role in cannabis taste profile than many experts guessed. Terpenes also attract pollinators while repelling insects and other predators. Similar to how cannabinoids affect your body and mind, we at Happy Garden CBD share the wide range of benefits terpenes offer.

How Do Terpenes Differ From Cannabinoids?

The cannabis plant has nearly 200 different terpenes. The varied aromas of cannabis strains result from their individual terpene compositions. Aside from terpenes, the plants contain over 100 unique compounds belonging to a family called cannabinoids. The main distinction between these two groups is how the body absorbs and utilizes them.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids interact with receptors in our bodies’ endogenous cannabinoid system. This is what causes the “high” people get when they take cannabis.

Another cannabinoid gaining popularity due to its therapeutic benefits is cannabidiol (CBD). Although CBD binds to many of the same receptors as THC, it has distinct effects on them and will not cause a high.

As we mentioned earlier, terpenes are the molecules that give most plants and certain animal components their scent. However, they could interact with the endocannabinoid system in ways reminiscent of cannabinoids. 

Terpenes Benefits for Cannabis Users

Terpenes have been explored for various medicinal uses, and they have been found to possess a wide range of health-enhancing properties. These compounds can be mono, di, tri, tetra, or sesquiterpenes, depending on how many isoprene units they contain. Scientists are conducting studies to see if they offer applications in modern medicine because they have several uses in natural folk medicine.

Their antiplasmodial action has sparked speculation about their potential use in malaria treatment. Research is underway regarding the antiviral capabilities of monoterpenes. Terpenes have also shown promise in the treatment of cancer and diabetes. Studies suggest that they could help lessen the side effects of certain medications.

Terpenes may provide a better experience for cannabis consumers with fewer adverse effects. For example, they promote blood-brain barrier permeability and influence THC’s binding to cannabinoid receptors. Some can even help prevent THC-induced short-term memory loss.

Research is in the initial stages, but it seems possible that terpenes could remedy mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Can Terpenes Get You High?

Terpenes won’t get you high in the classic meaning of the word. However, some are still deemed psychoactive since they affect the mind. Though they won’t intoxicate you by themselves, some researchers believe they can influence the THC effects.

Several cannabis enthusiasts and budtenders believe that customers focus too much on THC levels when picking a strain. Instead, they suggest prioritizing specific terpene profiles for optimal results.

Common Terpenes in Cannabis

Some of the most abundant terpenes within the cannabis plant include:


Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene in cannabis, and it’s usually found there in nature. According to one research, myrcene accounts for up to 20% of the overall terpene profile in certain strains. Myrcene has an earthy, musky scent that is similar to cloves. It has a juicy, red grape-like scent as well.


Limonene is the second commonest terpene in cannabis strains. However, it is not present in all strains.

As its name implies, limonene imparts a zesty aroma to strains reminiscent of lemons, which is not surprising given that this chemical is abundant in citrus fruits. Manufacturers include limonene in various cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

Limonene has been shown to enhance mood and reduce stress when used therapeutically. Researchers discovered it to have antifungal and antibacterial characteristics and a function in tumor reduction in one study.


With its earthy and floral fragrance, this terpene plays the most significant role in offering marijuana its distinctive aroma. Mint, cinnamon, lavender, and coriander all contain linalool.

What’s more, it has powerful sedative and calming qualities, like those fragrant plants. This wonderful terpene has helped patients with arthritis, depression, convulsions, sleeplessness, and even cancer.


Pinene is another abundant terpene in nature. It is present in pines, rosemary, and basil, giving them their fresh and vibrant aroma. Aside from its delightful aroma, pinene may also have some medicinal properties.

The quantity of pinene in a healthy forest’s air is enough for substantial medicinal effects. Pinene is a bronchodilator, allowing more air into the lungs. When breathed, it also has an anti-inflammatory impact and may fight off some pathogenic viruses

Get the Amazing Benefits of Terpenes

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