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Is CBD oil Legal in Wisconsin?

CBD Products » Blog » Is CBD oil Legal in Wisconsin?

CBD has gone mainstream in many states across the United States, including Wisconsin. Although CBD-derived hemp is federally legal in the US, some states still have and implement strict CBD laws and regulations.

 So, if you are wondering if CBD Oil in Wisconsin is legal, your answer is a resounding yes. Our experts at Happy Garden CBD have taken the time to investigate CBD Oil in Wisconsin and how best you can access it in the state.

Wisconsin was well known for its massive share of hemp cultivation and production before falling into a decline. However, since the signing of the Farm Bill Act of 2020, hemp-derived CBD products, including CBD oils, have become quite popular among many people.

CBD laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has some restrictions on cannabis. However, you can legally buy and possess CBD in the state, depending on how your CBD oil gets made.

 CBD laws in Wisconsin have evolved over the years. In 2013, CBD oil was only allowed for individuals with seizure disorders. In 2017, Assembly Bill 49 was passed to include other medical conditions aside from seizure disorders covered by the Wisconsin Act 267.

Assembly Bill 49 was followed by Senate Bill 10 that got signed into law in April 2017. With this bill, state-approved physicians and pharmacists were authorized to administer nonpsychoactive CBD oils to people with medical conditions.

The bill also stipulates that people with a written certificate or prescription from an approved physician can possess no psychoactive hemp-derived CBD oil.

Following the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill that allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp not more than 0.3% THC, the state of Wisconsin aligned its CBD laws with federal law.

 However, Wisconsin’s CBD laws did not completely align with federal law. For example, contrary to Wisconsin laws, the Farm Bill of 2018 did not stipulate that only individuals with specific medical conditions can legally access hemp-derived products, including CBD oil.

As it stands today, only individuals with a doctor’s permission are allowed to legally possess and consume CBD oil in the state of Wisconsin.

As a result, there have been attempts to remove hemp-derived products from the Schedule 1 controlled substance. One of such attempts was the proposed Assembly Bill 206.

The bill also proposed legal access to hemp-derived CBD products not more than 0.7% THC. However, the bill failed to pass the Senate Joint Resolution in 2020.

What is the possession limit of CBD oil in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Statute 961.32(2m) states that only individuals with a certificate from a licensed doctor might possess hemp-derived products in the state. The law was silent on the possession limits of such individuals.

CBD Licensing Requirements In Wisconsin

Anyone interested in the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp must have a one-time license and register yearly. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture is responsible for issuing licenses to individuals who meet all the requirements.

 You must note that retailers of hemp-derived CBD products can sell to the public without a permit from the regulators.

CBD Oil Testing Requirements in Wisconsin

Growers of hemp-derived CBD oil must submit a harvest notification at least 30 days before harvest. Samples from growers would go through third-party testing to check for THC levels. If a selection is discovered to have more than 0.3% THC levels, then the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture would destroy such crops.

Is there an age restriction to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin?

Only individuals who are 18 and older can legally purchase CBD oil in the state. In addition, you would be required to show an ID before you can buy CBD oil in most physical dispensaries in the state.

Tips for buying:

If you are looking to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin, you can use a few tips.

1. Ensure the product carry third party testing result

Avoid any CBD oil that an independent laboratory has not tested. Choose a brand that offers third-party testing results on its website.

2. Look out for CBD oil sourced from industrial hemp

CBD sourced from marijuana is illegal on the federal and state level. So you would have to ensure you buy only hemp-derived CBD oil to be on the right side of the law.

3. Buy online

Buying online comes with many benefits that include a vast array of benefits, better pricing, premium quality, and convenience.

Where To Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin

Buy premium quality oil at Happy Garden CBD. We place a premium on the satisfaction of our customers. Our full-spectrum CBD oil extracts are from the whole hemp plant giving you the perfect CBD experience.

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