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Is CBD Legal In New York? Cannabis Laws

CBD Products » Blog » Is CBD Legal In New York? Cannabis Laws

People use CBD for almost everything. They use it for pain, inflammation, to manage sleep disorders, and to deal with anxiety. On that note, it makes a lot of sense why the fast-paced lifestyle in New York pushes its residents to look for alternative treatments for their issues. So, circling back to the question ‘Is CBD Legal in New York?’. The answer is Yes. CBD is totally legal in New York.

From the research done by our experts at Happy Garden, Cannabis-derived products can be planted, extracted, manufactured, processed, sold, and consumed by businesses and individuals. Those CBD products, however, must not contain more than 0.3% THC.

How legal are CBD products in New York?

CBD products come in different forms, from tinctures to oils to edibles. The rules are a bit different between CBD products classifications. The two major types of CBD products:

  • Hemp-based CBD.
  • Marijuana-based CBD

Hemp-based CBD in New York

CBD obtained from hemp contains trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less), and this means it will not make consumers “high”. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp-based CBD is legal in New York as it was removed from the list of controlled substances.

Marijuana CBD in New York

CBD gotten from marijuana has higher levels of THC compared to that gotten from Hemp. THC possesses psychoactive properties and hence makes the consumer high. In New York, marijuana-based CBD can only be for medical use.

A Few Milestones for CBD Legalization in New York.

  • In March 2021, Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill into law legalizing recreational marijuana.
  • Adults in New York can possess as much as 3 ounces of marijuana without a medical marijuana card.
  • The state has marijuana-related criminal records expunged.

Most Recent CBD Regulations in New York

The legalization of recreational marijuana puts an abrupt stop to the debate about CBD’s legality. However, some new regulations were made. As of October 2020, new regulations regarding CBD products were outlined in the Cannabinoid Hemp Program. This is amazing news for all users of CBD as these regulations help to properly check the quality of these products. In clearer terms, these rules will stop CBD vendors from peddling substandard or low-quality CBD products. Here are a few important rules.

  • Food and beverage products must not exceed 25mg of cannabinoid for each product.
  • CBD is not allowed in any product that already contains alcohol or tobacco.
  • All CBD products must have a maximum of 3% THC when handled by the appropriate processing license holders.
  • Lab-testing (to check for microbial impurities, heavy metals, and cannabinoid content) must be carried out on all CBD products.
  • Processors cannot claim that their CBD products are wonder medications i.e., that the CBD products can treat, cure, prevent, mitigate, or diagnose any medical condition.

Limits for Buying and Selling CBD products in New York.

  • People who are 18+ can purchase CBD products.
  • Anyone under 21 cannot buy CBD vaping or smoking products.
  • Hemp flower can be sold to people aged 21+ so long as it is not pre-rolled or pre-packaged for smoking.
  • It is legal to vape CBD but skin patches are not permitted.

Happy Garden has put together a list that would help you to protect yourself from purchasing mislabeled and low-quality CBD products.

  • Purchase CBD products made from US-grown, non-genetically modified hemp.
  • Look for CO2-extracted CBD as it is the safest method.
  • Full-spectrum CBD Oils, if found, are much better.
  • Purchase from Vendors that carry brands that get third-party labs to test their products.
  • Avoid any company that brandishes CBD as a drug that can do anything and everything. 

These are very necessary steps any CBD buyer would need to take to avoid harmful CBD products.

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