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CBD for Dog Seizures? Promising Benefits!

CBD Products » Blog » CBD for Dog Seizures? Promising Benefits!

Can CBD help dogs with seizures? Yes, it can. Natural CBD products like oil have shown excellent results. In fact, in 2019, research pioneers on CBD for dog seizures from Colorado State University shared their findings on the first clinical trial on the effects of hemp oil for seizures in dogs that suffered from idiopathic (unknown) epilepsy. 

The dogs were divided into two groups – those treated with traditional anti-seizure medication alone and those that received 2.5 mg of CBD oil per kilogram twice a day as a supplementary treatment. The second group showed better outcomes; namely, they had a 33% median decrease in the frequency of seizures over the first group that underwent only conventional anticonvulsant medication. 

Which CBD Products Are Used for Dog Seizures? 

Happy Garden CBD products for dogs, cats, and other pets are presented in the form of oils, tinctures, and treats. So how can you know you can trust our CBD products? 

  • We cooperate with hemp farmers whose soil is free of harmful toxins. 
  • Our products are carefully extracted via the CO2 method to preserve therapeutic ingredients. 
  • We are transparent about active and inactive ingredients in CBD pet products.
  • Our pet oils, tinctures, and snack are tested. You can see lab test results. 

The Benefits of CBD for Dog Seizures

CBD is a natural and organic compound extracted from hemp or the cannabis plant (marijuana); it has nothing to do with its counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is psychoactive. Many owners are concerned about CBD products and are afraid of THC, which is considered toxic for animals. But there’s nothing to be worried about because CBD doesn’t cause euphoria. On the contrary, it can improve the health conditions of your animal companion. 

Now, let’s look at the obvious benefits of CBD for dog seizures. 

Reduced frequency of seizures

Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that controls their nervous system. A few studies on people and animals proved that CBD successfully interacts with the dog’s ECS and regulates receptors responsible for seizures. The outcome is reduced seizure activity and calmed neurons triggered during the convulsions. 

Reduced severity of seizures 

The epilepsy clinical picture in dogs ranges from mild to severe. Seizure types also vary by where they start and how far they spread in the brain. The ability of CBD to calm overly active neurons helps keep seizures on a mild level. Combining traditional medication and CBD oil may balance the frequency and severity of convulsions. 

Fewer side effects

If your dog suffers from epilepsy, it’s likely to be on one of the medications, such as diazepam, potassium bromide, phenobarbital, and other drugs. Sadly, these often cause serious health issues in some dogs. On the flip side, because it is natural, CBD has a lower risk for side effects. 

Pain and anxiety relief 

Due to its anti-inflammatory and other properties, CBD can treat pains and anxiety. Although studies are still ongoing, high-quality CBD has proved to reduce the side effects of traditional veterinary medications, which can also be applied to overall anti-seizure therapy. 

What is a CBD Dosage for Dog Seizures?

A CBD dosage to treat seizures in dogs varies. First of all, You should take into consideration your dog’s weight. While small dogs need less product, bigger ones require larger doses. Although there are no specific dosages, we recommend administering dosing twice a day. Based on your pet’s weight, you can try different amounts to see which has the better effect.  

In any case, you should consult a vet to decide what is better for your dog, especially if it has an epilepsy disorder.  

Are There Any Side Effects?

The chances that your dog experiences adverse side effects are slight. However, to avoid them, you should have a general understanding of how CBD dosage for dogs works or talk to your veterinarian first. Yet, as with any other medication, your dog can develop negative reactions. So you should monitor your pet for vomiting, poor appetite, dry mouth, drowsiness, and lethargy when treating the dog seizure with CBD. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, contact the vet right away. 

What Is The Best Kind of CBD for Dog seizures?

CBD for dogs can be found in many shapes and types. The most popular extracts are CBD oil and tincture, which can be administered from a dropper directly into a mouth, added to food or water, rubbed into the skin inside ears, or dropped on a dog’s paw to be licked off. Other alternatives are CBD products that come in different biscuit treats.  

Bottom Line: CBD for Dog Seizure 

CBD can improve the quality of life for dogs that have epilepsy disorder. It can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. Additional benefits are anxiety and pain relief. There’s also research that CBD can help dogs that suffer from diarrhea. Lastly, it’s essential to keep in mind that hemp, from which CBD is extracted, is non-GMO and has better absorption and bioavailability, and poses fewer adverse effects than traditional medication. 

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