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CBD, also known as cannabidiol, regulates your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide positive outcomes on many health issues. It has also proved a remedy for many problems our furry friends may experience. So if your pet suffers from an upset stomach, you can try CBD for dog diarrhea. 

On Happy Garden CBD online shelves, you will find CBD products, which are: 

  • Organic
  • Specifically designed for pets 
  • Have lab-certified results 
  • Offer dosing information 

Why Would Your Dog Have a Diarrhea? 

Dogs are extremely curious creatures. Just imagine if we have only six million receptors in our nose and dogs 300 million! So it’s no wonder that they love to explore the world around them, sniff here and there and end up eating something that can cause diarrhea from time to time. But what if your dog’s upset stomach has become a real problem? 

To understand the issue, let’s look at the common diarrhea causes: 

  • Eating garbage. As mentioned earlier, dogs have a strong sense of smell, and before you can do anything, your dog is already eating trash. All the spoiled food triggers gastrointestinal dysfunction. 
  • Allergies. Your dog might be allergic to a particular food. Other likely symptoms are skin rashes and vomiting. 
  • Stress or anxiety. Dogs may develop stress for many reasons. For example, they might be missing their owner or have difficulty getting used to their new home and surroundings. This can also lead to diarrhea and runny stools all over the house. 
  • Underlying health issues. If your dog’s diarrhea persists, it’s likely an underlying health condition that requires an immediate vet visit. It can be anything from colitis to something more severe like intestinal cancer. 

How effective is CBD for Dog Diarrhea?

Typically, dog diarrhea isn’t serious, and it will easily go away after vomiting or defecation. However, if your dog’s stomach is too sensitive without any underlying health problems, it will take advantage of the following benefits of CBD: 

It brings relief to abdominal pain 

CBD is known to have a pain relief effect in humans, and there’s scientific evidence for that. Similarly, dogs may also enjoy this benefit when they have tummy pains. Consequently, your dog will feel better and recover from an upset stomach. 

It reduces IBD symptoms 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is common in humans and dogs. So the reason why your dog has recurring diarrhea might be because of IBD. If so, your pet may refuse to eat food and lose weight. CBD products for diarrhea derived from hemp seeds should reduce these symptoms and contribute to fast recovery. 

It reduces nausea and vomiting

Dogs vomit from time to time to clean their stomach. They often do that after eating grass. But if nausea is accompanied by diarrhea, it should be a red flag. It can cause fatal dehydration. CBD oil can alleviate vomiting before you get to the vet’s clinic. 

It minimizes intestinal inflammation 

Finally, CBD helps minimize the intestinal inflammation of your dog. It happens due successful interaction of cannabidiol with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, resulting in less inflammation your dog is experiencing. 

Which CBD Product is The Best for Dog Diarrhea?

Happy Garden CBD products for dogs are presented in the following formulations: 

In regard to CBD for dog diarrhea, the best choice would be oils and tinctures because they are easy to administrate. You just need to add a few drops of CBD hemp oil to your dog’s water bowl. 

All Happy Garden CBD products for pets are extracted from high-quality hemp to ensure the best results. In addition, our full-spectrum tinctures and oils contain only allowed levels of THC, which means they will not upset your dog’s stomach. 

Can My Dog Have Side Effects After Taking CBD? 

The chances that your dog develops adverse side effects are minimal. To reduce any potential side effects, you should follow the proper CBD dosage for dogs or check with your veterinarian first. However, as with any other medication, watch your dog for any negative reactions, such as further vomiting, poor appetite, dry mouth, drowsiness, and lethargy when treating the dog’s diarrhea with CBD. If your dog reveals any of these symptoms, contact the vet immediately. 

Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil or Tincture On an Empty Stomach? 

Both oils and tinctures are mild substances, making them easy on the digestion tract. So, in general, it shouldn’t trigger more diarrhea when given on an empty stomach. If unsure, you can always add the oil to water or dog’s food if it refuses to take oral drops. 

Bottom Line: CBD for Dog Diarrhea

Dogs that suffer from diarrhea can benefit from CBD oil treatment. It can reduce discomfort and alleviate pain from the condition. Other benefits are boosting your dog’s weakened immune system and increasing appetite. Cannabidiol oils, tinctures, and treats have shown excellent results in reducing stress in dogs.  

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