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Buying CBD Oil in Florida: Shopping Online

CBD Products » Blog » Buying CBD Oil in Florida: Shopping Online

Buying CBD oil in Florida from local online shops comes with many benefits. Not to mention the ease of access and convenience, you get exposed to a wide choice of products which are often hard to find on offline shelves. Even more, whether you buy CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD gummies, or CBD for pets, you can buy directly from manufacturers and dealers. Besides, many CBD stores offer discounts on purchases to loyal customers or those who make big orders. 

But do you obey the law when you purchase CBD oil in Florida?

CBD oil laws in Florida

The 2018 Farm Bill’s passage approved the legality of CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight and are manufactured and distributed by licensed vendors. Therefore, these oils should be extracted from hemp plants within the permitted amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  

Why is CBD Legal in Florida But Not Marijuana?

CBD (cannabidiol) can be distilled from hemp and marijuana, which fall under the same plant family classification. However, they differ in their chemical properties. CBD and THC are present in both CBD and marijuana. Yet, CBD oil extracted from marijuana has a high level of THC, considered the main psychoactive compound that makes people feel “high.” Instead, hemp-extracted CBD contains less THC but more CBD. So when you use CBD oil made from hemp, it won’t give you any euphoric sensation but only a feeling of relaxation.

Do You Need a Recipe to Buy CBD Oil in Florida?

As mentioned earlier, hemp-derived CBD products have been legal in Florida since 2018. This means that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to purchase CBD oil.

Contrary to CBD, marijuana, which contains a high level of THC, is currently restricted in Florida and only permitted to people with certain medical conditions. Even with that, they must have a second physician opinion on the use of medical cannabis, and they must have tried other treatments without success.

Other than that, using medical cannabis in Florida is strictly prohibited. Moreover, you can end up in prison for possession of even under 20 grams of marijuana without a required marijuana certificate.

The popularity of Hemp Products in Florida

Since the CBD legalization, CBD production in Florida has even surpassed key crops production, such as tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, and snap peas.

Did you know that Florida has over 22,000 acres of hemp cultivation? While some farmers struggled to sell their crops as the restaurants shut down due to the pandemic, hemp demand increased. As a result, CBD products, especially CBD oils in Florida, were selling like hotcakes, and leading hemp manufacturers made $40-$50-million annually.

CBD oils vs. Other CBD Products

CBD oils are predominant products as they can easily show their effects within 30 minutes. Besides, some scientific research, although limited, proved its benefits for treating specific health issues like pain in joints and muscles, anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, and others.

If you want immediate effects and pain relief, you can opt for CBD oil vape cartridges, which offer action in 15-20 minutes.

The top CBD oil products should have a high-quality CBD compound and less than 0.3% THC.  

Where To Buy CBD Oil in Florida

Florida has many shops that sell CBD products, but if you don’t have any experience buying CBD, you can check the CBD and THC ingredient details in those products. Unfortunately, some manufacturers fall behind the quality, and consequently, their products may have an unpleasant cannabidiol smell.

If you seek to buy CBD oil in Florida, the best option is to make an online purchase. Online stores usually have a variety of CBD essential oils.

Happy Gardens CBD is an online shop to buy the best CBD oil and other CBD products. 

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