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If your cat is suffering from seizures, you might be considering alternative treatments to help the cat. In this article, Happy Garden will talk about CBD for cat seizures.

Let’s see how CBD proves to be beneficial for seizures and which CBD products are recommended to treat health conditions in felines.

How Does CBD for Cats with Seizures Work?

CBD or cannabidiol affects mammal species, and cats are no exception. This is because they have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that responds well to CBD treatment. It works by regulating CB2 cannabinoid receptors, thus, reducing inflammation, pain, and damage to nerve tissues.

Such therapeutic processes relate to people, dogs, cats, and other animals. CBD enthusiasts have received significant relief from symptoms like epilepsy and other chronic pain conditions. So cats experiencing seizures may benefit from CBD too by relieving pain and other seizure-associated symptoms. 

Research About CBD for Cat Seizures

You have probably heard about Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication that FDA approved to treat seizures in patients with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. On the other hand, the FDA didn’t apply any limitations on using cannabidiol for animals. That is why some veterinarians prescribe Epidiolex for cat seizures. 

You should know that there haven’t been any direct studies on cats, only on mice and animals. Yet, given that cats’ endocannabinoid system is similar to ours and mice, CBD healing effects are likely to work in cats.

So what does the research say about this?

All this data, although limited, tells the scientific world that CBD may work similarly in cats with seizures and epilepsy.

Which Seizure Can Symptoms CBD Help?

Cat owners use CBD products to help relieve various symptoms associated with seizures.

Overactive Nerves System

Seizures in cats usually occur due to a surge in the brain’s electrical activity, causing signs such as twitching, shaking, tremors, convulsions, and spasms. By activating our cannabinoid receptors, CBD may promote a balance of neurons, thus, decreasing these signs. 


If your cat suffers from repeated episodes of seizures, this condition is described as epilepsy. It may occur once in a while and be unpredictable or happen at regular intervals. But, again, CBD can stimulate your cat’s cannabinoid receptors and anti-epilepsy mechanisms.

Sleepiness and Anxiety

Cats often experience the so-called post-ictal phase, a period that follows a seizure. It is often characterized by sleepiness, anxiety, and depression. CBD has proved to regulate mood and insomnia by calming the nervous system. Other post-seizure symptoms it may help are aggression, excitement, and excessive eating or drinking. 

Can CBD Harm My Cat?

CBD generally is safe for cats. However, side effects, although unusual, are still possible. If you notice signs of sedation, dry mouth, nausea, or changes in appetite or weight, stop giving CBD and talk to your veterinarian.  

Also, you should be aware of CBD’s potential interaction with some traditional medications. So in anyways, you should consult your doctor before giving the CBD product to your feline friend.

Can I Give CBD Oil for Cat Seizures?

At Happy Garden, we recommend CBD oil or tincture over other formulations because they can be used sublingually. Through this intake method, CBD enters the animal’s bloodstream directly under the tongue, where it quickly engages the endocannabinoid system.  

Most CBD-related studies mentioned earlier used CBD oils. For more information about CBD oil, read our article “Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oils for Pets.”

CBD Products for Cat Seizures

Our CBD products for pets come in a variety of modulations. But, of course, the type of product you opt for depends on your cat’s reaction.

CBD oils are easy to use since you can add them to your cat’s food or water. Bottles with droppers allow pet owners to measure an exact dose.

On the other hand, CBD treats are an excellent option for cats with a poor appetite. A naturally flavored healthy snack with the highest caloric properties may be what is necessary to your cat’s body. For cats that refuse oils or tinctures, CBD treats are a good alternative to dole them out over the course of the day.

CBD Dosage for Cat Seizures

When deciding on the CBD dosage to help seizures in your cat or dog, you need to consider factors such as the pet’s weight and age.

The best practice is to start with a small dosage like 0.25 mg for every pound. For example, if we take a domestic cat, the average weight is around 10 pounds; a one-time dosage would be 2.5 mg. Depending on how your cat responds to the treatment, you can add or reduce the dosing.

If you notice your cat develops signs, such as lethargy, dizziness, changes in appetite, or diarrhea, you have likely overdosed.

After you determine the dosage that works for your cat’s seizures, you can lock it. And don’t worry, CBD won’t develop tolerance.

Other Health Conditions in Cats CBD Can Help

CBD oil can also help other health conditions, including coughing, tapeworms, cancer, and arthritis.


Cats may develop coughing due to asthma, which affects the upper respiratory systems. Due to inflammatory properties, CBD can reduce coughing in cats by opening up airways and lungs. 


Again, thanks to the inflammatory profile of the cannabidiol in combination with THC, tapeworms stop reproducing and populating in the animal’s intestine. The study conducted by the Washington State University stated that cannabis reduces the recurrence of parasites.


Animals suffering from cancer, like humans, develop nausea and vomiting and have a poor appetite. These conditions usually follow chemotherapy. A few reports showed that CBD could significantly reduce these symptoms. 


Several studies of arthritis in rats have demonstrated that CBD topicals can reduce swelling in joints, relieve pain, and promote limb posture. In one study, the daily use of CBD oil in arthritic joints prevented osteoarthritis pain.

Can I Give CBD Oil If My Cat is Healthy?

There are many reasons why you may consider giving CBD oil to a healthy cat. For instance, it can improve appetite by stimulating the brain receptors responsible for hunger. Consequently, cats that are picky eaters might be encouraged to eat more of their food.

Nervous cats may benefit from the wellness of cannabidiol by feeling less anxious during the day. Finally, CBD can also improve the quality and shine of your cat’s fur.

What You Have to Know About CBD for Cat Seizures

Although the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t approve the use of CBD products in veterinary medicine, it hasn’t received reports of adverse effects associated with animals.

California is the only state so far where veterinarians are allowed to discuss CBD and cannabis use for animals. It means that if you are not a California resident, you will need to be proactive and ask questions about the possibility of using CBD for your cat’s underlying condition. To be safe, it’s always better to consult your veterinarian before including CBD in your feline pet’s healthcare therapy.

Where Can I Get Premium Quality CBD Products?

CBD is easy to get online. However, it’s essential to know who you are buying from.

Happy Garden has many high-quality, natural, non-toxic, lab-tested CBD products that may work for cats with seizures. For example, we have CBD tinctures for cats and dogs and delicious gummies and treats.

Check out CBD for dogs, cats & pets, where you can review every product and make a purchase in a matter of a few clicks.

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