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CBD is already known to have anti-inflammatory properties, but can it also help people with arthritis? Preliminary studies show positive and encouraging results. What are the benefits of CBD for arthritis compared to prescription medications, what products can help, and are there any side effects that need to be noted?

People who suffer from arthritis already know, most medications do not help and certainly do not cure the disease. These drugs can be costly even with your health insurance, and they have side effects that can be severe and unpleasant. It is worth noting that there are more than 100 types of arthritis, and although pain is the main characteristic of all kinds, each one affects the body differently. There are different medications to treat it, and each drug affects you in another way. In all cases, the treatment aims to reduce pain and stiffness and maintain the ability to function. 

In recent years, there have been more and more studies regarding the effect of CBD on arthritis. Moreover, reports of people using CBD products as a treatment on their own show a bright future for people with arthritis. A Gallup poll conducted in the United States in August 2019 showed that one in seven Americans uses CBD. The main reason for use the participants indicated was pain. The American Arthritis Research Foundation conducted its own survey, and 29% of participants said they regularly use CBD products. Nearly 80% responded that they have used in the past, are currently using, or are considering using CBD. Most participants presently using the products reported an improvement in physical condition, sleep, and general well-being, and some also responded that there was some improvement in pain or stiffness.

What Does the Research Say?

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability around the globe. The two most common types are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatic disease is when the immune system attacks the joints and causes inflammation, i.e., autoimmune disorder. You will feel the symptoms mainly in your hands and feet, primarily joint pain, which can also be swollen and stiff. Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the joint degenerates, and as a result, the cartilage and joint bones are damaged, thus causing pain and stiffness. The degenerative disease mainly affects the hips, knees, and thumb joints.

According to the Arthritis Research Foundation, people who suffer from arthritis and use CBD feel significant pain relief, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety.

Several animal studies suggest that CBD may help treat arthritis and alleviate the inflammatory pain that accompanies it. Here are some examples:

A 2017 study found that CBD could be a helpful treatment option for joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

A 2016 study found that topical application of CBD can relieve arthritis-related pain and inflammation.

A 2014 review of existing animal studies concluded that CBD could be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

A 2011 study found that CBD helped reduce inflammatory pain in rats by influencing how pain receptors respond to stimuli.

How CBD Affects Chronic Pain

Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including CBD, interact with receptors that affect pain and inflammation in our body. CBD can block specific receptors that allow an increase in endocannabinoid levels called anandamide in the body. Scientists believe that CBD affects how receptors respond to the signals they receive and thus helps reduce inflammation and pain.

Much of the research on CBD for chronic pain has examined neuropathic pain or nerve-related pain. For example, a 2017 review found that CBD helped with chronic neuropathic pain in humans. A later review from 2020 showed that CBD may have benefits for relieving chronic pain, improving sleep, and reducing inflammation.

Best CBD Products for Arthritis

CBD products for arthritis can be taken by mouth or by applying on the skin; each way has its pros and cons.

CBD oil: Taking CBD in the form of oil ensures rapid absorption into the bloodstream. Simply drip the required amount on a teaspoon and place it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds until completely absorbed. You will feel the effect after about 15 minutes. CBD oil will give you a wholesome, positive impact on your body.

Ointments and creams: Creams and balms have a powerful healing effect. They are particularly effective in treating inflammation thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Unlike oils, creams and ointments allow local treatment in the painful area. In addition, the active ingredients in the creams provide healthy nutrition for the skin. Apply a generous amount of the cream or ointment around the affected area, massage gently and without applying pressure. Continue to rub gently until the ointment or cream is completely absorbed. You can repeat it several times a day.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared that CBD has no significant side effects. Small-scale studies have found that they are short-term and mild if there are side effects. To date, the FDA has approved CBD for the treatment of epilepsy. No indication has been found during clinical trials for physical or mental dependence on the substance. We can learn that other treatments do not cause CBD dependence either.

If you are taking any prescription medications or consuming supplements regularly, you should consult your doctor or physician to ensure no drug interaction. 

To avoid side effects, make sure that CBD for arthritis products you purchase comes from organic cannabis and natural ingredients. Premium quality CBD oil will always have a certificate of analysis from an official laboratory confirming the components and concentrations of the various active ingredients. Do not purchase products from sellers who do not display a detailed lab report.

Now about the dosage, no one can tell you what the right amount for you is. Start with one or two drops, and increase the dose as needed. The oils come in different concentrations, and if you have never tried any CBD oil before, start with the lower ones. The higher concentrations are suitable for severe physical pain such as unbearable chronic pain and intense inflammation. At Happy Garden, we have CBD with Arnica, known as a natural painkiller and is especially suitable for treating infections.

The Bottom Line

Although most of today’s knowledge is based on animal research, there’s much evidence that has been gathered from people who already use the products. The testimonials are excellent – people report a significant improvement in their condition. The knowledge gained from the research that already exists, from consumer testimonies, and from animal studies shows that CBD has many benefits. If you are already being treated with conventional prescription medications, ask your doctor about adding CBD products to your treatment to reduce the symptoms and relieve them.

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