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CBD For Acne: How CBD can help treat this skin condition

CBD Products » Blog » CBD For Acne: How CBD can help treat this skin condition
CBD לאקנה

Every teenage boy and girl is afraid of this moment: the appearance of acne, acne, on the area that everyone sees – the face. Boys try to hide behind a hat, girls cover their foreheads with long bangs, but even a mask fails to hide the pimples and infections. The appearance of acne is very frustrating, especially in the age of social media, where we always have to look our best. In between antibiotics, and ointments that always help, recent studies show that CBD products can help treat acne.

What causes acne

Acne is a skin disease that causes itchy and painful pimples that can be incredibly frustrating. CBD may help reduce inflammation and the amount of sebum the sebaceous glands produce.

Our skin naturally produces an oily, waxy substance called sebum through the sebaceous gland. It helps keep the skin soft, pleasant, and oily, but this oiliness should moderate. People whose sebaceous glands produce sebum in an increased way may suffer from acne. Excess sebum blocks the pores in the skin and causes inflammatory bumps. They will usually be white and sometimes black. This is the stage where teens are tempted to “blow up eczema,” which can aggravate the problem and cause skin with pimples.

We said teens, but acne can last into adulthood. Some even experience acne for the first time only at this age. The resulting pain comes in bacteria developed in clogged pores, and they also cause swelling in the skin lesions.

CBD For Acne: Does It Really Help?

 Studies show that CBD can relieve acne by reducing sebum production and relieving redness and pain through its anti-inflammatory properties.

Two studies from 2009 and 2012 found that the endocannabinoid system is involved in control processes in the healthy condition of skin and skin diseases. The 2012 study showed that CBD prevents the sebocytes from creating too much sebum. It also has an anti-inflammatory reaction in the cells and prevented inflammatory cytokines from activating.

In 2015 a study found that oil CBD reduces the formation of sebaceous gland function and sebum formation. Subsequent studies have found that antioxidants in fibrous oil help destroy free radicals in the body. Unfortunately, free radicals act just like an enemy within the body. They cause skin aging, abrasion, and destruction, and – also an outbreak of acne.

The benefits of CBD for acne treatment

Anti-inflammatory properties: Acne is the result of inflammation. As reported by patients, Si oil in the ds is taken orally under the tongue in dribs and drabs or directly on the skin, relief from symptoms.

Balancing sebum production: CBD reduces the increased action of the sebaceous gland. In this way, the glands produce less sebum, and the onset of inflammation and pimples is stopped or reduced.

Maintaining skin moisture: CBD ointments and pills are designed to reduce the activity of the mammary glands. However, it also retains the skin’s moisture while maintaining the glands’ low activity and reduced sebum production.

What CBD products can help with acne

People who suffer from acne may find the following CBD products helpful:

CBD Oil: High-quality CBD oil can have a very positive effect on the body. The oil is easy to consume under the tongue and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and reducing the pain associated with acne. It has a less than 0.2% THC concentration, and it is in the legal range without a medical cannabis license. In addition, the oil has almost no side effects.

CBD Candies: The effect of CBD candies is slower and felt about an hour after eating. The reason is, the candies pass through the digestive tract and have to be absorbed first by the body. It is not a common option for many but is still effective. 

Creams, ointments, and lotions: Creams are more oily, and lotions have a higher water concentration. The lotion is intended to cover a larger area than a cream. Either way, you should carefully choose the one so as not to aggravate the symptoms.

When choosing CBD to treat acne, make sure it is a quality product, preferably organic and natural. To avoid a situation where you purchase a product mixed with toxic substances that you really do not want to put into your body. Choose the right concentration. If you are a newbie, try CBD products in low concentrations. Before using the cream or ointment directly on the skin, you should consult a dermatologist. 

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