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What is CO2 Extraction & How Does It Work With CBD?

CBD Products » Blog » What is CO2 Extraction & How Does It Work With CBD?

Day by day, cannabidiol is becoming increasingly popular, and its positive effects are finally being recognized by the mass of society. However, considering a wide number of CBD products and manufacturers, it’s not easy for potential customers to choose the right one. But did you know that choosing the right type of medical cannabinoid crucially depends on how it’s made?

All methods of CBD extraction have the same goal – to create a highly concentrated version of the cannabinoid that would be beneficial for human use. But guess what? Not all ways are right and trustworthy. 

In terms of CBD products, the most important thing we should look at is how hemp oil is extracted since it is what influences the final result the most. The truth is that there are many extraction methods, and all of them are different. All of this makes it extremely difficult for consumers to know which method is best and where they should put their healthy “investment.” 

In this Happy Garden blog post, we will tell you about the benefits of CBD CO2 extraction.

How Does CO2 Extraction Work?

If you’re into the chemistry field, you’re probably familiar with the process of CO2 extraction. But even if you aren’t and wonder how CO2 extraction works, then this process is very easy to define – it’s a widely used method that aims to separate different components of a specific plant in order to get clean, pure, and safe products. Having said that, it’s not a big surprise that CO2 extraction is often conducted on cannabis plants. 

But what is CO2 extracted CBD oil, and why is it so important? The answer is simple: it’s the proven way to get pure cannabidiol, free of toxins and harmful elements. In fact, CBD extraction using the CO2 technique is the process of extracting oil from the cannabis plant using carbon dioxide. This safe extract is often added to a variety of goods, such as creams and lotions, and is used to treat a wide range of ailments.

How does a CO2 extraction work exactly? The process of extraction starts with pumping highly pressurized CO2 into a huge chamber or holding tank filled with plant matter. When CO2 is pushed to a high enough pressure and when it turns into the critical state, it starts to exhibit some of the characteristics of liquid CO2, but it remains in a gaseous condition.

The liquid qualities of CO2 allow it to function as a solvent, drawing oils and other compounds from the plant matter in the tank, such as pigments and resin. CO2 extraction is thought to produce a product that is closer to the plant’s natural chemical makeup than steam extraction.

What is CBD Extraction?

Getting a highly concentrated cannabis product is quite a complex process. However, when it comes to producing safe cannabidiol products, that’s the exact quality and composition you want. Extracting includes a few important things:

  1. It isolates CBD from the hemp plant. This way, we can get a pure product that is safer and much more effective.
  1. It maintains the benefits of CBD while transforming it into a highly concentrated form, and what’s more important, CO2 extraction prevents cannabidiol from losing its important characteristics. 
  1. The extraction method can make the product safer and more pleasurable because it “filters” CBD by eliminating potentially hazardous components of cannabis.

Not surprisingly, there are many extraction methods for cannabis, including steam distillation and solvent extraction, but CO2 CBD extraction is the most popular because of its effectiveness among all the extraction methods.

How Should You Extract CBD?

There are a few methods of extracting cannabis. But in each case, the goal is to extract the plant material while preserving the integrity and amounts of terpenes present. 

The process of extracting CBD using CO2 involves the process of “winterization,” which occurs after the cannabidiol oil is produced from hemp or cannabis. Raw cannabidiol oil is refined by winterization. Impurities and undesirable substances like fats, lipids, and waxes that made it through the extraction process are removed in this step.

How Do You Extract CBD Oil Using CO2?

Extracting CBD using CO2 requires high involvement and control. Even though the fact that this process helps us get clean cannabis products, surprisingly, it’s not the main advantage of the CO2 technique. Instead, the most significant benefit is that this way we can get a much higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other methods. 

CO2 cannabis extraction is a process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract CBD from the plant. At certain temperatures, CO2 has the qualities of a solvent but none of the dangers.

 The process of making hemp CO2 extract is the following:

  • Carbon dioxide is pressurized in a metal tank until it’s in a state that’s simultaneously gas-like and liquid-like.
  • In a high-pressure and warm chamber, the plant is exposed to carbon dioxide.
  • Afterwards, the CO2 splits out and carries away the desirable compounds from the not-needed leafy plant bits.

Is CBD CO2 Oil Safe?

CO2 in general, which is also known as carbon dioxide, is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that naturally occurs all around us. Considering this, it’s not surprising that using this substance to extract cannabidiol tends to be safe for our health.

Not only is CO2 extraction safer for the end consumer, but it’s also safer for the processor. According to the National Library of Medicine, CO2 is generally recognized as safe and relatively nontoxic.

The Benefits of CO2 Extraction for Hemp

Did you know that there are plenty of scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of CO2 extracted hemp for mental health? Based on a 2020 study, using this method significantly increases the benefits of medical cannabis for our mental health.

Here are some common benefits of CO2 extraction for CBD, which help you understand why you should trust it the most among other extraction methods.

1. It Delivers a Pure Hemp Extract

CO2 cannabis extraction technologies produce pure hemp extracts and CBD products by removing hazardous solvent residues and reducing undesirable chemicals in the final product.

2. CO2 Is a Highly “Tunable” Solvent

Temperature and pressure may be adjusted to achieve varied densities, viscosities, and surface tension in subcritical and supercritical CO2. 

This allows for faster and more efficient processing while also ensuring that just the necessary chemicals in the hemp biomass are targeted.

3. The High-Quality CBD Extract

Whenever getting high-quality and safe products is a priority, CO2 extraction is the best method for extraction. The reason is that CO2 CBD isolation capability captures the fullest potential from top-quality hemp biomass.

4. Effective

CO2 CBD extraction produces very high yields compared to other methods, meaning few cannabinoids and terpenes end up being wasted. This approach produces cannabinoids that keep their potency without being polluted by chlorophyll or other harmful chemicals.

Through CO2 extraction CBD is also accompanied by other potential benefits:

  • During the procedure, low heat is used. This ensures that the CO2 tincture in cannabidiol products resembles the original plant in both smell and color.
  • Traditional steam extractions take longer than CO2 extractions, so it’s fast and more effective at the same time.
  • CO2 extraction is harmless for both humans and the environment because, during the process, CBD is filtered from hazardous solvents like hexane.
  • Essential oils derived this way have a longer shelf life and are more stable than oils extracted with other methods.

Pros & Cons of CBD CO2 extraction

Even though CO2 extraction has a lot of benefits for hemp plants, you should know that this process doesn’t come without disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this process for cannabidiol products:


  • Safety: CO2 is used in a variety of foods and beverages. So it has to be incredibly safe. Did you know, for example, that carbonated soft drinks are made possible because of CO2? Using this extraction method once more guarantees the safety of the C02 extracted CBD oil.
  • Effectiveness: Because it is so effective, many trusted food firms have utilized the CO2 extraction process for years. For instance, popular coffee firms employ CO2 as a solvent to extract caffeine from coffee, in addition to generating essential oils.
  • Purity: The process of CO2 extraction procedure ensures purity, and this is important for safe cannabidiol products. CO2 extraction is the way to go for those looking for the finest CBD products available.


  • Expensive: Only incredibly expensive equipment can be used to accomplish the extraction. The CO2 CBD oil extraction process is too expensive for many businesses and individuals who want to extract their own hemp oil. As a result, cannabidiol that is reproduced using this method tends to be more expensive compared to products created by less complex methods of extraction.
  • Technical Ability: CO2 cannabis extraction is not something an inexperienced chemist should undertake. Even if you get your hands on the CO2 extraction equipment, you’ll need a lot of technical expertise to make sure it’s set up correctly and safely.

How to Choose the Right CO2 Extracted CBD Products?

Hopefully, you already understand why CO2 is considered the best CBD extraction method and why cannabidiol products retrieved through CO2 extraction tend to be much more reliable than usual products. But what if you’re not sure which form of this substance is the most suitable for your individual purposes? 

In this case, we recommend getting CBD oils extracted via the CO2 method as it is a mostly safe and effective form of cannabidiol for your health. However, various types of products, such as gummies or balms, can also help you deal with specific problems or improve your overall well-being.

Keep in mind that for safety measures, you should also find a trustworthy manufacturer since the process of extracting CBD using CO2 is very complicated and not everyone is capable of doing it properly. At Happy Garden, you have an opportunity to get 100% natural, full-spectrum, and GMP-certified products to keep your mind and body healthy and satisfied.

Final Words: Why Should You Extract CBD?

To sum up, extracting CBD accomplishes a few important things and is beneficial for many different reasons. If you take a look at various blog posts on Happy Garden, you can easily find out the most important benefits of using this substance. 

But don’t forget that making sure you get cannabidiol in the right form isn’t enough. You also need to find the right manufacturer that follows the rules and regulations of CBD CO2 extractions. 

That’s why the Happy Garden is the right place where you can find a wide range of high-quality CBD products derived from high-quality plants using the most decent methods of excretion.

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