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CBD Bath Bombs

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You may have heard about several CBD products and would probably have used some of these products. But what about having a CBD bath using bombs? This product offers a therapeutic bath because it is more than a regular bath. Happy Garden has put together a detailed explanation of everything you should know about them, including the types of CBD baths bombs, how to have an effective them, how it works, and more. 

Having a warm bath keeps you refreshed, promotes good sleep, makes you unwind mentally, helps ease stiff muscles, and more. Now, if you think that is all there is to have a good soak, you may have to think again because CBD bath bombs may help soothe your body and relax your mind in countless ways. 

For those who have been skeptical about consuming CBD in any other form, having a CBD bath may be a great way to enjoy the outstanding benefits of CBD without ingesting it. It is as easy as lounging in a bathtub after strenuous travel, an intense workout, or a long day at work.

How Does CBD Bath bomb Work?

CBD bath bombs are CBD-infused bath products added to your bath water for a fizzy, relaxing, and nice sensation. It releases fragrance, essential oils, and other ingredients into your bathwater. It offers a pleasant experience and allows easy penetration of the ingredients through your skin. Aside from enjoying CBD’s benefits, you may also feel the skin-enhancement and improvement effect that it offers. 

How to Have a CBD Bath using CBD Bath Bombs

Like other CBD products, it is advisable to start with a lower CBD dosage and increase your intake gradually when using the product. They come in concentrations within the range of 25 to 100mg or more for each bath bomb. Put the right dosage into your warm bath water and allow for it to dissolve fully before climbing into the bathtub. The process is similar when using other CBD bath products. For effective absorption of the Cannabidiol and other components in the bath, you should stay in the bath for a minimum of twenty minutes. It is advisable not to splash the water into your eyes or allow it to enter your mouth. 

What are The Types of CBD Baths Bombs? 

The type of CBD bath bomb depends on the form of CBD contained in the product and may include the:

  • Full-spectrum CBD bath bomb

Having a full-spectrum CBD bath means that the CBD bath bomb you are using has all naturally occurring phytochemicals present in the cannabis plant. It also contains essential oils, terpenes, and traces of THC, usually 0.3%. Therefore, using full-spectrum may offer you the benefits of all the components in a cannabis plant.

  • Broad-spectrum 

Broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs have all the hemp plant components except THC. It also offers a full entourage effect without the psychoactive THC effect.  

  • CBD isolate 

CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD that contains only the cannabidiol compound. Therefore, when using the product, you may only get the benefits of CBD without additional benefits provided by other ingredients found in full and broad-spectrum CBD. 

What are The Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

The benefits of having a CBD bath using bath bombs include the following:

  • Improve relaxation
  • Relieve achy joints and muscle pain
  • Enhance serotonin level for mood improvement
  • Having a CBD bath using bath bombs helps in removing toxins from your body
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat inflammation
  • It helps relieve anxiety and stress.
  • CBD bath bombs improve your skin health by nourishing your skin reducing irritation and redness.

Will a CBD Bath Bomb Get You High?

Can you get high by taking a CBD bath using CBD bath bombs? Of course not. However, it may depend on the concentration of THC in it. For example, having a bath using a high dose of a full-spectrum CBD bath bomb may get you high because of the psychoactive effect you may experience. 

But with a CBD Isolate bath bomb, you can enjoy its benefits without getting high because CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors located around your skin to provide outstanding benefits.

Have Healthy and Nourishing Skin by Purchasing Happy Garden CBD Products

CBD bath bombs improve your skin health by providing nourishment for your skin. It also reduces skin irritation and redness. Happy Garden CBD offers skin nourishing and protective products, including CBD lotion, creams, and balms for sale at affordable prices.

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