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Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically?

CBD Products » Blog » Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically?

Depending on the contents of cannabidiol (CBD) oil you are buying, some CBD-based oils can be used topically. But how can you know if your skin can benefit from the CBD oil you are taking orally? Well, let’s look inside the oil.

What is CBD Oil?

A CBD oil is most often a mix of CBD extract and carrier oils. To produce a cannabidiol oil, CBD and other properties like terpenes and flavonoids are extracted from marijuana (cannabis) or hemp using a CO2 method. After the desired properties are extracted, carrier oil is added. Some manufacturers add essential oils to their CBD products for flavor. 

In frames of this topic, Happy Garden focuses on carrier oils because they partially define whether some CBD oil modulations can be successfully used topically. 

What are Carrier Oils in CBD Products?

Carrier oils are meant to help your body absorb CBD oils. Since CBD is fat-soluble, it is best absorbed when digested with fat. 

For example, sugar gets to your bloodstream through the digestive system directly because it’s a water-soluble substance. Contrary to this, fat-soluble compounds get to your fatty tissues and dissolve in them. Yet, while some carrier oils get cannabidiol oil absorbed faster, others are slower in reaction. 

Now that we know the role of carrier oils in CBD products let’s see which carrier oils are used for CBD oils. 

Standard Carrier Oils 

Some manufacturers may add more than one carrier oil to their formulations. Standard carrier oils are: 

  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). This carrier oil is often found in CBD products. Coconut or palm kernel oils are usually a common source of extraction. It promotes faster absorption due to its molecular structure and 90% saturated fat. 
  • Hemp seed oil. Many confuse hemp seed oil with CBD oil, but these are not the same. Despite its many benefits, such as high antioxidant levels and a balanced proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, its solvency rate is lower than MCT oils. 
  • Olive oil. Olive oil has gained a reputation as a trusted product. It is also rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamins K and E. Some researchers state that it is absorbed by the skin quicker than MCT. 
  • Avocado oil. Olive oil has an ancient history related to cooking and medicinal effects. But the avocado oil has become only a recent trend in cooking and health therapies. Many CBD enthusiasts find CBD oils with avocado carrier oils the best because they give a product a nice nutty flavor. However, relevant to our subject, it’s important to highlight that it can be quickly and easily absorbed by our skin and digestive tract. 

What Do We Learn From That?

So the answer to the question of whether CBD oil can be used topically seems to be obvious now. We have learned that MCT, olive oil, and avocado oil have a high absorbency through the skin. The only carrier oil with a slower absorption rate is hemp oil. Despite this, hemp oil has increased in popularity due to its entourage effect. It contains more chemical components of hemp, and when added to cannabidiol oil, it makes the CBD product more effective. A few studies reported its therapeutic potency and anti-inflammatory properties for health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and acne

So yes, cannabidiol oils that contain easily-absorbed carrier oils can be justified for topical use, and they are likely to give a therapeutic effect, but it’s a big BUT; why would you use CBD oils for skin when there are available CBD topical products like creams and balms? 

CBD Topicals Vs. CBD Oils

You need to know that most CBD oils are formulated strictly for oral intake. When buying a CBD product, it would be helpful to check the ingredients carefully and the amount of CBD provided on the label and website. Some cannabidiol oils are designed for oral and topical application, while others are for oral use alone.  

Cannabidiol oils for oral use are intended to help health conditions from the inside by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) directly through the bloodstream. On the flip side, CBD topicals have a more concentrated effect on the particular area of the skin without getting absorbed into the bloodstream. That is why CBD creams are an excellent option for local discomfort in muscle, joint pain, and soothing skin. 

How To Choose the Right CBD Product

Choosing the right CBD product for your health is easy on the Happy Garden online store. All our CBD oils are provided with a description and direction for intake. So you would know precisely whether it can be used both as a topical and oral solution or oral dose alone. You can also click on the “Components” tab to find information about carrier oil. 

When it comes to Happy Garden CBD topicals, we have a broad choice of creams, balms, and salves infused with CBD anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties for pain relief in joints and muscles and soothing irritated skin. 

Our CBD products are natural and organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and GMP certified. You can also check lab results for each product on our online shelves.   

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