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Why You Should Only Buy Organic CBD Products

CBD Products » Blog » Why You Should Only Buy Organic CBD Products

Not all CBD is the same; the CBD you purchase is as good as the company that produced it. Now that you are all too familiar with the significant medical benefits of CBD, and are ready to give it a try. Know a few things before you buy your first CBD tincture (CBD). The most important is to buy from sources that produce organic and high-quality CBD like Happy Garden. 

Why You Should Be Concerned About Organic CBD

 Medical cannabinoids gained popularity primarily because of their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The great thing is it provides all these benefits without the psychoactive effects that characterize cannabis rich in THC. The issue is, you can gain all the benefits that CBD has to offer only by using products that contain high-quality organic CBD. Mediocre CBD will give you little or no results.

To understand the importance of organic CBD, you must first understand what organic CBD is, how it is different from inorganic CBD. Also, know the significance of this difference for the consumer looking for a product rich in CBD. 

How do you define the quality of CBD products?

There are uncountable CBD products on the market now, but not all CBD products may be effective or safe for you to use. What you should be looking for is organic CBD that is concentrated and produced from naturally grown hemp. All CBD products you purchase should be approved by an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab. The higher the price, the higher the quality in the CBD industry, so be wary of “good deals” because they may contain inferior and contaminated materials. Another quick tip for buying quality CBD products is the amount of concentration in the product; effective CBD oils contain at least 250–1000mg per 10ml bottle. A lesser amount is practically useless.

Organic CBD products should contain CBD not extracted from hemp seeds but from special cannabis plant flowers, including solvents like CO₂ used to remove the compounds. Buy from companies whose farms are licensed and certified. Unfortunately, some unethical farms use pesticides and other chemicals to grow their hemp, some farms use pesticides and other chemicals to grow their hemp.

Unfortunately, the industry suffers from false advertisements. Anybody can put CBD on their labels and pass it off as CBD. Many products on the market contain hemp solids or a similar fatty extract that is not CBD but pass off as CBD products..

A quality CBD product must contain a large amount of a single, uniform active ingredient that is pure CBD and not another substance extracted from hemp substitutes. 

The importance of growing CBD organically – why we do so

With CBD products being everywhere, consumers face the difficult choice of choosing the right organic products from the many imitations in the market. Organic CBD starts with the soil. At The Happy Garden, our soil is organic and void of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. However, the hemp plant has a unique characteristic of absorbing every nutrient, toxic or organic, in the soil – this means that soils that contain toxins produce non-organic CBD.  

The first reason why it is crucial to buy only organic CBD is that non-organic CBD may have adverse effects on your health. Another reason is that some non-organic CBD is engineered in a medical laboratory to create a molecule identical or similar to the original substance. These processes are harmful to the environment. Our mission here at Happy Garden is to bring you the best and most effective CBD products in an environment that promotes biodiversity and sustainability.

A production process full of investment, love, and mission – how we make our CBD products

We manufacture our products while emphasizing thoroughness, professionalism, technological innovation, and an optimal laboratory environment for growing. The plants we use to produce the best CBD products are grown organically in an optimal laboratory environment, using the most advanced growth technologies in the world. In addition, we make sure that all production processes meet the strict GMP and ISO 7 standards. To us, the production process of a perfect product does not end until you, our patients, are completely satisfied.

A large part of the production process we have developed lies in refinement. Our CBD oil is extracted through Apeks CO2 extraction systems to eliminate plant byproducts and residues like fats and lipids. This purification is an integral part of our production process designed to give you the perfect therapeutic experience. Buying CBD products from the Happy Garden means choosing CBD that is pure and free of ancillary materials. We only sell products refined in just the right amount to create the perfect experience for you.

Our mission is to give everyone access to innumerable benefits of CBD and to do so in a holistic way. We work around the clock and invest every effort to grow, preserve, and make the quality CBD accessible to the public while meeting the highest quality standards.

Benefits of consuming CBD products – the reason for our mission

The benefits of CBD are too numerous to list in a few short lines. Still, a significant area of impact is the medical field. Many Western countries have begun to develop medical cannabis in recent years as pain treatment, including prevention and treatment of inflammation. CBD has also significantly improved communication and activity among children with autism, amongst other medical benefits. 

The varieties we have developed – our way of bringing you the best products

First of all, the production of quality CBD requires a good plant source with excellent genetic traits. We grow our hemp, extract CBD under optimal growing conditions, and use advanced methods and techniques, innovative equipment, and the best staffing for the task.

 We have developed CBD strains after many growth cycles, selective breeding, and natural genetic enhancement. As a result, you’ll only find the highest concentration and quality in our CBD products. In addition, our process ensures uniformity among products, a high standard of quality, and a continual inventory of all your favorite products. 

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