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9 Things To Know About CBD Oil

CBD Products » Blog » 9 Things To Know About CBD Oil

We have collected nine general questions that will inform you of all there is to know about CBD oil. 

1. What is CBD Oil?

The full name of the active ingredient is cannabidiol, CBD for short. CBD is made from industrial hemp. It is extracted from every part of the hemp plant. CBD oil is an extract of the active ingredient separately from the other components in the plant. CBD oil extraction is carried out under controlled, laboratory conditions.

Oils can be purchased in different concentrations, such as 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 24%. The method by which the ingredients are extracted affects the final product. When looking for good quality oil, ensure that your product is manufactured with advanced technology and under strict quality control. That way, you can ensure that you get CBD oil in the exact dose for effective treatment for the problem you want to solve.

2. What are the differences between CBD and THC?

Let’s start with the essential thing: CBD is not THC. The two components are the main active ingredients in the cannabis plant, but they are entirely different.

Psychoactive effect: CBD will not make you ”high” but THC will. 

Medicinal properties: CBD is effective in fighting inflammation, pain relief, and reducing epileptic seizures. Recently, the FDA has even approved an anti-epileptic drug that contains CBD called Epidiolex. In addition, some treatments combine CBD with THC for diseases like cancer, head injuries, and even autism.

Side effects: Here comes the significant difference between the two substances. We have already mentioned that the World Health Organization considers CBD safe to use and has no side effects, which is why many countries consider it a dietary supplement that you can purchase freely. In contrast, the psychoactive effects of THC may cause side effects such as feeling tired, dizzy, and euphoria that affects the central nervous system.

3. What medical conditions does CBD oil help?

Although much research is still needed, the studies show encouraging results regarding various medical conditions. Such health conditions include pain relief, sleep relief and improvement of quality, reduction of stress, depression, and anxiety attacks, joint pain relief, improvement of symptoms in cases of bipolar disorder. In addition, CBD oil also helps with various skin diseases, including psoriasis.  

4. Can CBD oil be addictive?

No. CBD oil is not addictive at all. Cannabidiol is a substance that breaks down relatively quickly in the body. Therefore, the body does not depend on it, and it has no addictive effect on us. We will also reiterate that it has no psychoactive effects. You can consume CBD oil daily and stop using it anytime you want.  

5. How do you know which CBD oil to use?

CBD oil comes in different concentrations, the lowest of which is 5%, the highest 24%. However, the substance is the same in all the oils; the difference lies in the concentration. That is, two drops of 10% oil is equal to one drop of 20% oil. We created the different concentrations to make choosing the correct dose easier. If you have never consumed CBD oil,t recommendation is to start with the products in the low amount, 5% or 10%, and take one or two drops a day. Then, if you feel the need to increase the number of doses in the next purchase, you can switch to bottles in the higher concentration.

6. Is CBD oil suitable for everyone?

 CBD oil and other CBD products are safe to use for everyone. The only exception is pregnant and lactating women. Beyond that, the products are non-toxic, without harmful side effects. 

7. Do you need a license to buy CBD oil?

No, there is no need to issue a license to purchase CBD products. However, a medical cannabis license should be issued only for products that include THC at a dose of 0.3% or more. Therefore, all the products you will find here include THC at a dose of 0.2% or less, meaning they have no psychoactive or addictive effect.

8. What else is essential to check before buying CBD oil?

To ensure that the product you are purchasing is quality, check if it is a natural, organic, and non-genetically modified product. Companies that sell quality products will publish on their website a test result report from a certified laboratory that shows the active ingredients in the oil and the concentration. That way, you will see that this is not a mixed material of low quality. 

9. How to consume CBD oil?

The best and most effective way is to drip the oil into a spoon and place it under the tongue for about 60 seconds until completely absorbed. The area below the tongue has mucous membranes and capillaries that allow efficient absorption of the substance directly into the bloodstream. It is not recommended to drip the oil on the upper part of the tongue, and it is also advisable to avoid eating, drinking, and smoking about half an hour after taking it.

It is important to remember that results come only after prolonged use and not after the first day. Many CBD product users report that they experienced a change in health/lifestyle after a week.


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